Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Something In The Mist

Here's a quick sketch of an image I'm working on this month. It's going to be an epic, gigantic, monster filled, photo realistic, 25 x 35 inch print, and published in one of the coolest art books coming out this year.

What's driving me insane with this one is the leg placement of the large creature. This sketch is the closest to what I see in my mind when I picture this scene and I'm actually laying it onto the image with a few tweaks, pushing and pulling the legs around a bit more. I can't wait to finish this bastard and see how it looks printed on a wall in all its grotesque glory.


Paleo said...

that's a beautiful sketch, you can feel the urge to put down an honest to god vision.

Aeron said...

Thanks David. I gave my self 30 seconds to sketch it, then left myself a month of work to finish it! It's going to be one of the more haunting images I've ever made.