Monday, July 28, 2014

Hopital brut 10

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sketchbook #51

Front and back of my new sketchbook, with portraits of the apothecary owner and Bosch's youngest nephew Jan Goesenszoon.

Jiggler Beach

Beach bunnies.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Capitol ?


Last scrapboard, I miss out this capitol because i forgot how "true english scrapboard" is bad at this

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jiggler Riot

Some recent sketches for my Jheronimus Bosch book, which show the influence of the "1971 Imperial Jigglers" about which i posted below.

Some alcohol-induced political ranting. However, in vino veritas.
"Only fools will believe that the rich got rich by hard work only!"
"True that. Rather, they have seized the gold of those who died during the Plague by theft or by forging their  last will".

The riot should eventually look a bit less silly than this. But i am happy with how some of the angry mugs turned out.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Jiggler Mania

Another instalment of 1970s nostalgia.

If you are over 40 (i am seriously over 40) you may have had the pleasure of growing up while these rubbery toys were around. I just managed to find some pics of these jigglers, as they were called. They were available at dimestores, carnivals and respectable toy shops. Boy did i play and play with them. Of course, many of them broke apart or got lost, and, the greatest injustice of all: they got discontinued all of a sudden. Okay, they were made of some suspect plastic that contained retarder that dissolved in the stomach when swallowed, but then i was no dog, nor a toddler. These were the 1970s, when kids still lived dangerously!

The idea of these rubbery guys was to have them dangle from the rear mirror or window shield of a car. Note the suction cups. They were a bit fragile and had a smelly, gooey surface, but quickly i found out that you could heal severed limbs by melting parts with a match. The results made them look even limpier sometimes but after i while i became good at playing Dr. Frankenstein. Same for the finger puppets below:

These were from the "Gigantor" series, which had only three as far as i know.

And then there were 8 of these little guys. They were made in Hong Kong, like the Jigglers, as was indicated, a detail that fascinated me. Also, they came in wildly varying colour combinations. They were so nicely designed and up to this day, i wonder who has crafted them. Talk about unsung heroes, these things were everywhere! There are some more recent finger puppets around these days which look like poor imitations. (Beware!)
The personality that was in the originals influenced my style of drawing to a great degree, maybe even more than Benito Jacovitti's comics. Jacovitti played in the same way with combinations of noses, chins, hairdos and the like to create his characters. This gave me a hint of how genetics work, at a early age, and dreams of creating my own series - which continue to this day.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


PLANCKTON by the late, great Per Lygum, from Denmark. These clippings are from the mid 1970s, when this high weirdness was published in the Dutch catholic(!) broadcast's tv-guide. I only have these because my paternal grandparents had saved them. Otherwise, this witty and bizarre comic has taken a deep dive into obscurity. If anyone has some other instalments, please let me know. Dutch is the only language i know them to have been published in, so bear with me for not translating them. In any case, the dialogue is hilariously polite as these creatures usually end up devouring each other -or at least inflicting serious damage.

Crack! festival Roma 2014

Hey kidz

Back home after Crack! fest is always same feeling like you have to go again, this is just a break inbetween two edition... Travelling across Italia in vertical way, looking at sunshine on the beach in Carrara (where they just catch out the Whitehouse from the mountain), and being there with hundreds of peoples sharing art passion & lifestyle is much more than great, much more than just selling books behind a table!
This year we met Shaltmira (herself!) and Arturas, which I'm really glad of, and many peoples from south america, Canada and Malaysia, besides friends we already know but only see on that kind of event.
I probably did less than usual by participating in various collective projects, we were only two so it was more difficult to keep an eye on our own workshop while visiting & enjoying... I even miss all gigs

Well, here's some pictures plus some samples from our linocut workshop

 crossing the alps is like crossing fukkin paradise, there are some unfeared monsters like this one :
 Roma under lightning!

 Our workshop before having a decent table
 Shaltmira gang
 Victor Dunkel
 Andy Leuenberger

 Dunkel on cutting
 Laura Holdein