Saturday, December 29, 2018


The music of Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze was & remains of tremendous influence for me;
if it wasn't for discovering his method of layered analog collage, my pages would probably look very different. Talking to one of our colleagues here recently ( hola Muriel! ) who finds his output equally inspiring, we hit upon the idea of putting together a Muslimgauze tribute anthology.
So, any of you up to that?
We have no money, no publisher yet, so not even any bullshit promises of 'exposure' or such, not a single thing to offer beyond a reaffirmation of what good company we keep here.
Sign up in comments section.

"They offered hardship, poverty and danger as the only rewards for joining them. You see, they were not joking!" 
- a character in Lawrence Durrell's 'Monsieur, or, the prince of darkness' describing the Knights Templar.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Lovecraftian Cookbook

The Necronomnomnom. Well, I finished the art back in August, but the thing just got printed. I think we sold over 200 at the PAZ Unplugged convention in Philadelphia, and I did a drawing in the back of every book I saw sold.

I didn't write any of the really bad puns or any of the recipes- I was given the recipes and then I did a calligraphy version of them and just made up stuff to fill the page. The basic format of the book is that it's written like a tome of spells, somehow being gathered by a collector and the book itself. There are scrawlings, notes, and musings- most of which are scrawlings, notes and musings I made up as I went. I asked for some direction and there were things that came from the authors that needed to be on certain pages- like discreet shout outs to people who submitted recipes- but was basically given free reign. Somehow there isn't a single recipe with an octopus tentacle in it.