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Welcome to Bio-Burger, can i take your order?

Salt orders from Bio-Burger.

This is how the future will look in case you were wondering. The future of Goblinko comix that is. Next episode of Salt features the new EXTRA DIMENSIONAL FORTRESS where everyone lives, which is either rolling around earth on giant tank treads or floating in space. The enterior of this thing is just going to be a big commercial mess full of visual chaos & clutter & impossible geometry.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I wish that the United States was more like the pictures i draw

From a series of Modernist inspired limited palate pieces i was working on the summer of 2006. There's one other, but it sold & i don't think i scanned it in. I'm quite pleased with them still & will probably work in this style again.

I like to draw people/things carrying pigs, i also have a collection of pictures of people carrying pigs around. I love pigs & butchers. I wish that the United States was more like the pictures i draw. Most traditional butchers in the USA serve the yuppie niche market, so they aren't actually traditional. Seems that way for most things, old world foods & traditions serve a niche yuppie market & eschew working class values like being tough as nails, gregarious & cheap. I would like to buy an enormous tankard of locally made lager (pitcher sized) for $3 & get a fresh made pretzel & some cheese on the side in a working class atmosphere but it ain't happening. This is why i must draw this stuff.

This android bear busker has a crazy steam powered, amplified accordion. I am not into buskers in general, but there is something pathetic & heart warming about this poor little android bear & his high-tech old world instrument.
android bear musician

Maybe one day after commercial space travel has gotten cheap enough for us all to go out & become space pioneers, i'll be able to start my own planet with stuff like this going on.

cuntur pus

Friday, April 25, 2008

Strange Dreaming..

I was in an old castle at the top of a small European village when a gigantic door banged open releasing a gigantic armored figure. The armor looked ancient and had intricately engraved patterns, some resembling narrative scenes that I couldn't make out, spread across each piece. The thing wearing the armor was some sort of hideous creature that partly resembled a rabbit/pig/donkey all meshed into a grotesque hybrid that had the body of a gigantic humanoid, about 12 feet tall. It chased me around a circular passageway inside the castle. When I'd managed to get away from it, another door slammed open somewhere else in the castle releasing yet another of these foul armored beasts that began chasing me!

I eventually escaped the things and found myself in a small stone passageway where a shallow collection of water had gathered in a small stream across the floor. Then I noticed there were peculiar octopus like animals walking on their tentacles and partly swimming over the few inches of water. I remember one being a light yellowish color, about the size of a human head with short stubby tentacles that pulled its weight aross the stream. Another was much larger and dark brown and black in color with long extended tentacles and what looked like thick wet black matted hair hanging from the top of its balloon like head. At some pont I escaped the castle and ran into a madman who was crawling up the mountain towards the castle. I kicked him in the face and caused him to fall down the steep incline. From there things get hazy..

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I'm really busy right now so I'll just post something old. Here's an RPG-illustration I did a few years ago which I had forgotten all about until I found it again recently.
What was I thinking?

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An old strip with a favourite character, back in 2001 it sucked, now i like it! i'm really curious about how this strip works with you guys.


I have been doing a lot of drawings in my usual dense style but I wanted to do a few things without all the "noise". This one is called "Trailing Magic" and is a random drawing that I redrew from my sketchbook. The original had manboobs and I wish I had included them but I forgot. Sorry manboob lovers. More soon including some clay for Sean.


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Blink Blast

I do these kind of drawings from time to time, because I played too much super nintendo when I was a kid.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chaos & Order.
chaos & order
The graph paper is pretty fun, but it is also kind of boring at the same time. I've got about a million new characters to scan & post, but i'm doing too many & i don't have the time to scan all these bastards in. Soon enough though.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Poor Righteous Teacher

Private art lessons.
This is Liam Gibson, he has an awesome raw sensibility to his work with really weird, cool forms that i am always learning from, because i'm a pretty control oriented artist. I am initiating him into the dark arts of the MARKER.
Private Lessons with Mr. Sean

Recycle Art program: Mysterious creatures
This is one of my afterschool classes at McCornack elementary where we were making a different mysterious creature each week out of garbage. These kids made alien masks.

trivia, did you know that i was very influenced by the 5% Nation (a break away group from the Nation of Islam)?

Five Percenters teach that the entire world population can be divided into three groups:

* The 85%, easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction, who are the humble masses, mentally deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth about themselves and the world in which they live.

* The 10%, who understand much of the truth but use it to their advantage to keep the 85% under their control through religion, politics, entertainment, economics, and other methods.

* The 5%, who are the enlightened divine beings, having repossessed knowledge of the truth regarding the foundations of life and of oneself, and seek to punitively liberate the 85% through education.

The percentages presented, according to most Five Percenters, are not meant to be exact but are instead meant to represent the public, the religious and political rulers, and the few truly enlightened people on earth, respectively. The numbers used point out common traits to identify the members of these three groups and can be fully understood using the language of Supreme Mathematics.

It still makes perfect sense to me, even if i am a White Devil created by the mad scientist Yakub.

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Napkin art from the Japanese trip

I just got back from Japan, and god knows it's a whole world in itself. The floating world is a strange, amazing, alien place. I'm still suffering from a profound case of jet-lag, I managed to assemble some of the napkin art that I drew in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Okinawa. The trip was intense and at times exhausting, but always full of adventure. It looks like we have about 2000 pictures to look through between all of us. Anywho, when I get my shit together I'll post some stuff from the trip.

Old Man And The Tree

I was tweaking a story I wrote a few years ago and figured I'd toss it on here. I was going for that E.C comics vibe which I think came across effectively enough. Looking back I like that you're left wondering if the wife died of a heart attack sitting on the porch for natural causes or because she saw...something.

Let me know what you think.

Old Man And The Tree..

There was an old couple lived out middle of nowhere, 15 miles to the nearest town. Jeb and Adna had a small wooden house that had been there over a hundred years, or so the local town folk said. Was a large old tree, stood not 10 feet in front of the house. The old man hated it. That tree was always attracting all sorts of strange critters and it had a strange odor that stunk to high heaven. Then there was the strange fruit that damned tree always dropping in the lawn. Couldn't eat the stuff on account of it tasting so bad. All it did was litter up the yard and attract more damn animals. And then Barney, the old man's dog, was always yelping and barking at it, day and night! Yes that old man hated that tree, hated it almost as much as if it were a real person. Some nights he could almost make out a smirking face in the bark, sort of laughing at him. Only reason he hadn't torn that cursed stick outta the ground was because of the wife. Adna wanted no part in the destruction of that tree. She enjoyed the shade it provided and said it had been there long before they were born and they'd no right to remove it.

So old Jeb let it be, but he knew the real reason his wife was so determined to keep that damn tree around. Adna was of the superstitious type and there'd been tales about the house they lived in from way back. Supposedly there'd been a couple witches that lived there who planted that tree with the blood of their victims. Some folks claimed that story had been made up to explain the unusual shape of the tree. It sort of resembled a twisted figure with its arms bent back, a long crooked wooden nose and a head full of branch like horns. But Jeb knew better, he laughed at the notion and promised that the day Edna died, should she pass before him, he'd tear that damn thing down somethin proper.

Well come the next spring Edna died. She passed on account of a heart attack right there on the porch swing while Jeb was out building a fence. Soon as Jeb found her his first thoughts were of that wretched tree. He glanced over at it and could have sworn it was looking at him with something evil inside. After callin the funeral folks Jeb went out on the front lawn. Ol Barney was barking at the tree as always. Jeb knelt down and patted Barney on the head and said, "Don't you worry none Barney, that damn stick's days are numbered now."

After the funeral Jeb went home and sharpened his cutting axe. He sharpened it extra good since it was such a special occasion. Afterwards he took his axe and a bottle of moon juice then sat down on the porch swing with his dog. It was evening out and Jeb knew he'd have to get started soon if he didn't want to be out there till midnight. He drank into that moon juice somethin fierce, thinking it was because of Edna being gone. But deep down he knew it was to give him the courage to do what needed to be done for so many years. He got up and took that axe to town. After the first swing into that tree Jeb thought he'd heard a noise, sorta like a deep gasping sound. Barney was barking and ah hollerin more fierce than usual but after the next few wacks he couldn't hear anything other than his own grunts and gasps as he cut into that tree with all his goddamn might. Old Jeb went through the trunk of that cursed thing and before long that sum bitch was crashed out on the lawn with a loud thud. Jeb wacked the axe into the stump of the tree and went on to bed.

The next morning Jeb got up and decided to finish the job. He went outside to cut the tree down to firewood. Instead of finding hix axe in the stump of the tree where he'd left it, the tool was lying on the porch, sticking out of the skull of his dog. Barney was splayed out across the porch with his organs spread all over the place. It looked like somethin had been playing with them! Jeb screamed and cussed and cried. He didn't know what to think but he just blamed it on some bastard kids from town.

After burying Barney, Jeb cleaned the axe and carried on with cutting that tree down to size. By the time it had started getting dark he'd cut that tree into a nice stack of wood that he planned on burning nice and long in his fireplace. He carried the first chunk of wood into the house. It smelled somethin terrible but Jeb didn't much care. He dropped it in the fireplace and lit the cursed wood on fire then went on to the porch to finish off that bottle of moon juice. Jeb sat in something soft and looked down to find one of Barney's eyeballs smooshed out. Jeb cursed out loud and tossed the eye into the lawn. All he could think about was the job well done cleaning that damned tree from the face of the earth.

After a few hours Jeb went back into the house to go to sleep. He looked in the fireplace and was surprised to see the wood had already burned away. Jeb thought it was curious there wasn't even a burned out husk from the chunk of wood but he was so drunk he didn't give it much thought. He stumbled into his bedroom and layed down to sleep. Before he could close his eyes in the dark bedroom he caught a glimpse of something moving in the room. As drunk as he was he figured it was his head spinning. Then he heard the sound of something scraping across the floor. More then something it was some... things! He heard the sound of things stepping around all over the room and under the bed. First thing Jeb thought was there was some damned family of rodents thought they could move into the house. Jeb got up and turned on the light expecting to see some dirty animals scurrying about. Instead Jeb looked down to see every single piece of wood he'd cut that tree down to, except each piece resembled a short fat goblin like creature with short arms and legs, horns, long pointed noses and dark black holes for eyes. They were all looking up at Jeb, sort of like they were waiting to see what he'd do.

Jeb gasped in horror and ran into the hallway to grab his shot gun, he tripped running down the hall, poor Jeb sprung his ankle and couldn't get up. Then those wooden goblins took hold of him and pulled him into the living room with little effort. Jeb was turned over onto his back like a pig in the slaughterhouse. The goblins were all around him whispering and laughing, a dry sort of laughter that you'd hear the wind making through the woods during fall. Jeb lifted his head up just in time to see a blackened burned chunk of wooden goblin, the piece he'd tossed into the fire. It was dragging his axe across the floor.

Then old Jeb felt it, the piercing burning pain as the axe cut off his feet. He hollered and squeeled in gut wrenching agony! The other wooden goblins held him down as the burned one went on cutting him apart, first the feet, then the shins, and the knees, on up to the thighs and crotch. It then went about cutting off his fingers, his hands, his arms up to the elblows. Jeb was butchered into a torso and head before he was decapitated and every piece of him was thrown into the fire.

You can read another short story I wrote titled "Case Of The Missing Faces In Turtle Town" inspired by the atmosphere of old b horror movies, here..

More of the same - but still sane!

...and some more sketches.


I'm not sure of who all is on FLICKR, but let me know & i'll add you.

Here is a piece from last year of a Slaanesh Chaos Marine on Frenzied Mount (Warhammer 40K from the 80s style). I like the color job quite a bit.

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Aeron just invited me to throw my monsters into the swimming pool. Hope you like them

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Behold the Pig, Goblin, Winged... Thing!

I drew this when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I don't have much art from before my teens so it's nice to have stuff like this that's really old. I'm always amused that stuff I was doing so far back is EXACTLY what I'm still going for, heh.

I'm hoping to track down this weird little mini art book I did when I was in gradeschool of witches, goblins and some sort of furry demon thing that I stapled together. If I find that I'll post it here. It's around 6 pages long and about 4 x 4 inches.

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I thought this piss-poor excuse of a blog could use a bit of CLASS



Since we're having a Prog Rock moment here on Eaten By Ducks, i thought i'd add this lovely song by CAMEL. It's called Air Born & it's off of Moon Madness. I love this record, one of my favorites of all time.

A while back i revisited the post-apocalyptic folk Punk world i created when i was in my late teens (1994-1997) in a couple of square zines; Binocular Rebellious & The Goblin which were released in 2003.



I have this series of Trolls i occasionally work on, i'm supposed to put together a book's worth of material for Wonderella to publish, but i have a hard time with it.

New Member On The Way..

Adam Buttrick will be joining soon, check out his incredibly awesome drawings here..

letratone moan

This was drawn on an old letratone box

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Greetings friends! I've been digging all the recent art posts here!! Anyways... Here's a Lovecraftian monster. At least I recall having an HPL type creature in mind when I did this. It's about 15" x 11." An ink drawing that I painted with watercolors. I didn't plan this properly and used thin paper, so there was some annoying wrinkling. This is another older work. I hate to tell what year it's from. I am planning on posting some new new work, but I have tons of old stuff that's never seen the light of day, I'm just now getting around to scanning it. I do have some new 3-D stuff, mini pickled punks and such, that I hope to display soon. Gotta take pics first though...

Happy Hoo Ha

Ok. so here's a couple of pages for the upcoming Voida Voida Zine Project based on Horror Vaccuui or "nature abhors a vaccuum. In art it relates to artists who fill space obsessively. Voila. Me.

Like wow man, that makes me think of Karma.

I got a bit into making pixel pictures years ago, but never did much with them because they were just sitting on the computer in the electric garbage heap. So, i was digging through the real world garbage heap that is my studio (the size of a large walk-in closet) & found an old graph paper pad & decided to mess around with some square drawings. Here are the messes. One of them is what a Cthulhu temple would look like in ZAXXON, & the other is a secret level from REALM OF IMPOSSIBILITY. I'm totally influenced by Commodore 64 games & other 80s cultural trash. That's part of what this whole new BANANARCHY series is about, growing up post-real culture with these very tribal, primal instincts about putting together the culture & using whatever was lying about. REALM OF IMPOSSIBILITY felt bizarrely spiritual at the time, in fact, alot of those early video games were like some kind of transcendent experiences when i was a kid, i could feel my brain phasing in & out of the blocky, color filled murk of ELECTRO SPACE. Oh, also, i've decided to start doing posts just for EATEN BY DUCKS & not cross-posting them, because i do enough work to fill it & the way this blog is going to pick up & roll is if we make it do that with exclusive content.

square land

impossible geometry


Skull Disco vols: 8 & 9

These are the covers to the most recent 12" records on the Skull Disco label. A lot of the covers are my interpretations of either ideas or suggestions from Shackleton. In this case the devil stood on the gallows on vol: 9 is from an idea by Shackleton and the snake skeleton on vol: 8 is based on a scene from Dante's Inferno.

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crawlspace escape bid

Hi Folks,

It's been awhile but I'm gonna start posting again. It's fantastic to see all the wild stuff on here and a big hello to the flesh meat, come to zap some life into the bad meat emporium!

Here's some photos from a collaborative exhibition that I did with David M. Birchall here in salford in an old coffin factory. Here's a link to more photos

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Feral Funk Fast Burger

I've been working on this concept for quite a while now & i come & go from it. But anyhow, i'm working on this giant series now, of these characters like the four pictured here, which are all about the post-apocalyptic re-tribalization of post-modern culture. The totemic nature of hamburgers, fast food ufos, punk rock hip hop tribes, neon hieroglyphic graffiti & all types of other weirdness are explored.

feral funk fast burger

johnny seethru

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Back from Wherever

Greetings everybody. I'm back from a fairly long period of static. My pause was due to a relocation to Berlin after which I haven't had a working internet connection for ages.
I've been lurking now and then from internet cafés but just didn't find the time to post something. It's great to see so much really cool new stuff.
Also: Welcome newcomers!

Here's a recent cthulhu drawing.

I've been working on several of them over the last months, and will post them when I get them scanned. In the meantime here are some preliminary sketches, as a foreshadowing of what's to come. I inverted them on a whim, because I thought it looks kinda cool.

And two more drawings from my current sketchbook:

Finally, while offline I've worked on a new website a bit. It's not finished yet, but check it out if you like, I would be glad to get some feedback.