Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pee Wee Herman on Letterman for Halloween

I had that dracula game that bites your finger when I was a child and was terrified of it!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Uncle Cheezy

uncle cheezy
I knocked this out for Zeke Clough's Voida zine, the whole thing is gonna be shaped like a coffin. Dude.
Also, our grocery store has these candies which are the coolest for Halloween. Also, i ran my special Halloween Mr. Sean's Cartoon Club yesterday, to record low attendance, but that meant that i was able to give everyone the exclusive Mr. Sean's Halloween Showbag. There is something wrong with this town.
10.27.07 - cinnamon devil heads

Some Kinda Devil

Here's one of 16 small acrylic paintings I worked on over the last few weeks, probably going to tweak a few spots after staring at the giant scanned version. The original measures at 5 and a half by 4 and a quarter inches. I'm working on dozens more and will be selling all of em on my art blog that will be coming back to life very soon. I'm also in the planning stages for a series of decorative devil/voodoo heads that will also function as masks. Yeah yeah, I should have done those BEFORE Halloween.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Frenden Halloween

A Better Tomorrow is now selling the tee whose sketch I posted previously. In its finished form, it's a good mix of cartoon and gore. A little more lighthearted than my Medusa design, but more appropriate given that it's a riff on A Better Tomorrow's logo. I wanted to create a relationship between the bird and ape that made sense in the context of halloween. I think I succeeded in that. Below is the image ABT created to promote the shirt on their blog.


The title for this post may sound a bit cryptic or, worse yet, pompous. In reality, that's the title the design was given over at ABT. Holy hell, I can't help but relay how awesome it was to see FRENDEN HALLOWEEN on their site. I mean, who doesn't want their name directly associated with the only holiday worth its weight in amassed candy goodness? Rad-fucking-tacular. Ray Frenden: doing his part to spread childhood obesity and diabetes. I'm such a humanitarian!

For posterity (aka my own unrestrained ego stroking), this is how it showed on their site, heh:


In addition to the shirts, their blog has the design available as wallpaper. The wallpaper is the desktop kind, not the drywall adherent kind. I will not be held responsible for people pasting their monitors to their bedroom walls only to see them plummet to the ground and shatter.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

long time no see.....

Hi chaps, I got a bit dissalusioned with EBD for awhile but decided to join in the fun again, I guess 'cause of the cool stuff on it lately.
This is a colour version of a drawing for a 'voida voida' zine I'm working on.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Something From The Cave

I've been without a scanner for awhile so I won't be able to post any new stuff until next week. For now here is the 3rd panel of a triptych I did the other week for an L.A artshow called "Mutation Nation" at the DIY Gallery. I've got a stack of new small paintings that I've been working on the past week that I look forward to putting examples of on here. It's been a crazy week as I've gone to a hospital for my brother's child being born and a few days later a funeral showing for someone I've known half my life that died of a heroin overdose. And I was recently surprised to find out that I'm apparently a nominee in the International Horror Guild for the category of art works from 2006 at the World Fantasy Convention next month in New York? I was really impressed with who I was stacked against, scroll to the bottom of this list to see...
Moebius is apparently the guest of honor so I really wish I could go to this if only to shake his hand. If anyone around here is going I need to find someone to accept my award in the event that I actually win as I won't be able to go. I also got an amazing spot in an upcoming art book, I'll explain more as the details are finalized.
I've also been working on a full novel for my Land Of The Moth project which I'll be illustrating in incredible detail and hopefully publishing in several beautiful and giant art books some years down the road. Work for my epic graphic novel code named "Hob Bob" is slowly moving along as well, so we'll see which gets done first! Staring at a dead person you get a real sense of urgency with the work you have left before you, so I really need to push these projects along.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Tee Design Pt. 1

Halloween Tee Design (Rough Stages)

Well, I just sent off this sketch of a tee design for A Better Tomorrow. I was asked after I assume they saw Medusa Tless Select. So far, so good. I'm really liking the rough sans a few wonky chest-meet-arm issues.

I like to drop in approximations of color schemes pretty early when working with limited color and spots. These colors tend to change by the end of a project, but it really helps when vetting a possible design against a client. I may have a clear idea of where the piece can go, but you really can't ask an art director to make that leap of faith.

Even the best art directors aren't mind readers, heh! Alex Wald, a recent acquaintance and all around nice chap (in addition to a swell artist, art director, colorist, etc) left me a bit of advice in regards to keeping a well rounded portfolio.

Expecting a potential client to extrapolate that, due to the level of skill of the pieces shown in your portfolio, you can do things that aren't explicitly spelled out isn't a good idea.

IE, you probably can do great retro-style cartoons, but that life drawing isn't going to help you convince anyone.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A man such as this...

Swing You Sinners

Knight of Wands Color!
knight of wands color
Page of Wands Color!
page of wands color
Also, Swing You Sinners

& a classic banned Terrytoon. "Chop Suey"

Thursday, October 04, 2007

In The Lovecraft Land

More of my Lovecraft picture. I'm working on another triptych right now, a painting inspired by the title of my art blog "The Mutated Skeleton Cave" for the Mutation Nation show in LA going on later this month. I'll post pics from it sometime next week.

Goblinko Tarot Deck

I've been toying with the idea of making a tarot deck for about 11 years now... my obsession with cards of all kinds has increased lately, so i figured that i should knock this sucker out. Here are the first two cards... the finals will be in color.
Page of Wands
page of wands
Knight of Wands
knight of wands
I've been wanting to expand my characters into a world along the lines of the Wizard of Oz books, but a bit more nasty & scary.
Here's a bit about the Suit of Wands. The wand reference isn't to "magic wands", but it relates to the suit of clubs in a regular card deck. The suit of Wands corresponds to the South direction or wind; the Fire element & the color, Red; the Summer season; the Divine world of the Kaballah; the yellow bile humor, & the Jungian function of intuition. In my world of characters, the suit of wands will be represented by the Salsiccians, who are essentially sausage men or flesh golems. Their colors were already red & yellow, they favor using the baton or club to beat people into submission. I suppose their empire can be southern now.