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FLARM ZINE, originally uploaded by SEAN ÄABERG.

I have been throwing around the name FLARM for a zine for TEN YEARS & finally achieved what I thought was going to be humorously impossible, which is actually releasing a zine called FLARM. 8 pages of magenta and cyan insanity!!! Delving into psychedelic worlds of the NAZGUL & life on POVERTY PLANET. Hand-held electronic devices feature prominently. $5 paypal to gogoblinko at Same price world/U$A. AND... i've decided that the next card series i'm releasing will be called POVERTY PLANET. Unless i change my mind!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

*IMO live drawing has devolved from a practice to a cliche but I thought it'd be interesting to do something with Flash. It's basically like doing a live flipbook. The autopsy didn't proceed as smoothly as intended but in this case an unsteady hand makes gist for the mill.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bestiarium (reprint)

This is going to be the cover jacket (with flaps on the left and right) of the reprint of my Bestiarium book that was published by Le Dernier Cri in 2008. It has been sold out for a while. The black and white line art was done in nostalgic scraperboard, the colouring is Photoshop (no filters). The idea is to have it done as mimeography, a printing process that went the way of the dodo in the 1970s. There is however a limited number of places where you can still have it done. There is a special feel to it, it enhances painterly effects, in contrast to off set printing, which tends to smoothen and polish artwork. I hope to have it ready for a show at the 1er Degré gallery at the MJC Lillebonne, 14 Rue du Cheval Blanc, Nancy, France. Its opening night is on March 25th. The show is curated by the insanely talented Matthias Lehmann from Paris, whose scaperboard skills are humbling. Check it out on Until February 26th the art of Jakob Klemencic from Ljubljana is on display, with many fantastic linocut prints.

Atomi (or Astomi) are described as mouthless people who feed by sniffing apples. Amyctyrae have enormous lips like some still exisitng African tribes but in some medieval depictions those make them look like tusks sometimes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jason Voorhees

A drawing I did for fun. Me and my friend Greg Houston have decided to each, about once a month or so, do a reinterpretation of a favorite movie maniac/monster. We decided to start things of simple with a black and white drawing of Jason Voorhees. I picked bag-head Jason from Part 2, because I find the idea of a crazed, deformed giant who worships his moms severed head so much creepier than the hockey-masked muscle zombie of the later movies (who I still love though!)

We plan on turning this project into a blog at some point, and are going to start inviting other artists to contribute once it goes up, so keep your eyes peeled, and contact one of us once it's up and running if you'd like to take part!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is a small piece of a bigger drawing that I'm really heartbroken didnt work out. I felt so emotionally drained by this that I dont want to attempt it again for months, perhaps the later part of this year. I like this face too much to get rid of it, so the face in the proper finished version will have to be made a bit different.

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more here

How feral babies are born

Just a quick sketch of a feral man giving birth to, uh, a small feral man.
I am thinking of doing a larger piece with more ideas like this. A sort of overview of the circle of life, but not as we know it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two new comic pages

Pages two and three of new endeavor. Untexted. I have about 20 pages done. These are my first color tests.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello there

At last a second posting. Lost my password. But thanx to Fufu here are some drawings i did for a groupshow at gallery Feinkunstkrüger called don't wake daddy. First one is a journalist with some puppetdragonworms i dreamed about some years ago, second one is Satan with pet. I used a stockphoto from the fifties. A thin guy at the gym, he got this marvelous manic look which fits the look for the character perfectly me thought. And the last one is my version of a famous german comicbook character called Nick Knatterton. Invented by an illustrator as a satire on comics. You know they all hated comics back in the fifties. But he became pretty famous for this one and he got to draw it till his hand became numb.
well thats all

stay sick


Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Hey guys. I have a pretty exciting post today! I'm currently working on an idea for a comic, and have been doing some character designs. I've had a handful done for a while now, and recently decided to post them.

I don't want to give away too much as far as story and everything goes just yet, but I'll give you the basics. The story is called "Immortal Demon Palm Ultimate Technique", and it's going to be a crazy, bloody revenge story mixed with post apocalypse movies, 80's action movies, horror comics, Fist of the North Star, and amputee kung fu flicks from the 70's (like Crippled Masters). My main goal with this is to combine everything that has influenced my work over the years into one big, bloody, kung fu muscle orgy.

So here's some of the characters so far:

Oni-Ken, the main character, and the last practitioner of the Immortal Demon Palm Ultimate Technique :
F.U., Oni-Ken's shit-head 12 year old sidekick:
El Bastardo Anticristo, the 1st Grand Master of the Post Apocalypse and satanic luchador:
Gaydolf Shitler, 2nd Grand Master of the Post Apocalypse, and leather-daddy reincarnation of Adolf Hilter:Maniac Sodom, 4th Grand Master of the Post Apocalypse, and master of "Maniac Sodom's Ghastly Maw" style kung-fu:

I'll have a lot more coming on this project within the next couple of months. I'm basically trying to get all my main characters squared away, and then a general idea of what my whole story arc is going to look like before I start working on the first book (this is gonna be a super long story). Thanks for checking it out!


I read and reconsidered all your comments/opinions and I'm really thankful for all . Today I created this one. The idea was born spontaneously, I  thought about feelings that never leave me: absurdity, gratuitousness, vacuity... My friend said good phrase once, that we are "generation whatever". I believe in drawing as my way of coping with my existence. Lately I extraordinarily give importance to representation of feelings in my artworks: passion/pitifulness /threat <...> This one is about weakness / illness, I leave the right to choose. Choose the position of evaluation.
I was thinking about comment of  Gaiihin, "From my opinion you should try curvier crosshatchings and as well all sort of textures." At this moment I'm focused on crosshatchings, but I agree that "we use only a very small quantity of all possible shapes which is innumerable." For Robert Adam Gilmour  I can say that there is mutation in time, so there's naturally born changes in expression, small or grand.  And about lightining as Human Mollusk  mentioned, I am exploring this subject, solving questions at the time, it is always in my head, always there is a decision I have to make: to be more decorative  or to make the illusion of space, give more sense of reality. At the moment I am satisfied with my personal visual balance, every line I draw is considered, but I can not predict the future, I'm also interesting in experimenting.

Dark Souls (Demon's Souls sequel perhaps)

Anyone into atmospheric video games inundated with monsters, any of whom are potentially fatal, some of whom being larger than what the screen alone can provide for, may want to take note. If this has any remote application to you, and you've not yet played Demon's Souls for the PS3, then you should. Like a mix of Castlevania and Zelda. . . but devoid of any cheese, filled with an almost overwhelming degree of tension and suspence, almost no music whatsoever- mainly ambient background noise i.e. howling wind, breaths echoing down corridors, crackling fire, falling rain, turning gears, and the like, as well as some of the only Lovecraft influenced levels worthy of the 'weird' association.

Judging by the video and its publisher, Dark Souls, formerly Project Dark, renamed perhaps at the request of Eidos, who made Thief: the Dark Project, coincidentally another game 'more' than worthwhile if you love monsters and aneurysm-inducing suspense, if not a sequel then probably shares common storyline threads with Demon's Souls.

Not much information on their website, but given the esteem generated by its predecessor, this is bound to change.

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Old stuff from early 2000's. if you have seen these you have probably been on the internet too long.

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"The Muse"