Thursday, September 29, 2011


A personal drawing moment to share with you with my favorite tools. I got here a .7mm MEGA SKULLZ mechanical pencil. A .7mm Penstix by Alvin (made in Austria), which is the best disposable linework pen i've found to date. And a COPiC sketch 100 Black for brush work. They are refillable & the nibs are replaceable & i've had these guys for years & they rule. This is the beginning of the cover of PORK #4. drawing

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Head Of The Eternal Witch

I had a vision of a giant witch head floating in the sky, its tangled black tentacle like hairs hanging for miles below, the vast jungle of black swinging filthy hair a world onto itself. From a distance it might resemble a gigantic squid with a human head, long black tentacles hanging lifeless and dragging across the landscape below. The rotting witch head moves forward with glowing white eyes shining frightening shadows down on the demented hanging world below. Its face is locked in a permanent screaming howl, the tongue mummified and hanging out of the mouth, the rotten sharp and broken teeth the size of houses, like ornaments decorating a grotesque sort of cathedral.

Bizarre species of albino eyeless things cling like monkeys, swinging and screeching between the rope like hairs. Disgusting insect shaped things with long branch shaped arms claw and climb, blink and groan, sometimes squeal, as they travel down to the mysterious moving world below and back up to the witch skull to take refuge. A castle of bone and decaying flesh, pieces of the brain still cling inside and ooze a dark energy, a precious nectar to horrible creatures roaming within the witch's head.

Across the top of the rotting skull, vast stalks of black hair, bound together and grossly creeping up and bending out, like a jungle of black vine like trees. It makes a comfortable home for horrible things, nestled in the clots of decay. Large patches of the skull reveal barren wastelands, fields of white and cracked surfaces, secret things claw their way out of the cavernous skull domain. Strange scratching sounds, whispering moans, wild howls and low groans, reverberate through the bone surface. Intricate scratch marks dig across the bone surfaces, the trail of sharpened creatures and heavy beasts, long tails burrowing, twitching appendages scraping, a fantastic array of abominations, each leaving their own unique markings across the fragile surface.

Storms grow within the impossibly long strands of hair, lightning bursting through the friction of clumps of hairs running against each other. As it passes through abandoned cities, buildings, old cars, get caught in it, knotted masses of hair find their way pulled back up by horrible things that live in the witch's head, coming down to explore and to feed. Random debris from the ground below find their way to the top, an old car, part of a house with furniture strewn about, even telephone poles, caught in the hairs below and eventually knotted and wound back to the top, various abandoned instruments and artifacts of the world below, strewn like so much trash across the land of the witch's rotting head. But much of it swings below, hanging between miles of black hair. In time a surreal hanging world of buildings, dead trees and random debris held together by the knots upon knots of black dead hairs create a vast labyrinth that forever travels the path of the giant head of the dead witch as it continues to float through the sky forever, its glowing dead eyes lighting a path for nightmares to grow.

Hello everyone!

My name is Jared Africa. I am honored to be able to post here, this blog has some amazing work. I am 26 and going to school/working at a tire store. Everything I like is either obvious or terrible. My most basic influences are R. Crumb, Francis Bacon, Geof Darrow, Egon Schiele, John Kricfalusi, Ralph Steadman, and some other people. Right now I mostly work with, Uniball pens, Sharpies and other markers, but pretty soon I am going to start painting again. I have some more stuff to show soon, and I'm really glad to be here.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I want to show you my 10th scraperboard... I'm still experimenting, trying to manage different wishes, so feel free to give me advice!

Friends of mine told me to stop before doing the background, because after that I will have to much white... But I think it's better like that, more complete... Of course maybe I could have manage this better! It was difficult, even if I found a good solution to draw a sketch on the board, so maybe it's too much... Also that's my biggest piece of this, 25x32cm...

I think I found something of my own, but feel like I'm still unexperienced enough yet...

I post different picture because of my difficulties to obtain good levels

Thursday, September 22, 2011


["Verdict". Album cover for Absvrdist (Sad-Grind, San Antonio, Tx)]
The man is under the sentence of death. But there's no real guilt. He is guilty because he lived. He was a mistake. So Death, in judge costume, takes him back from life to the kingdom of Hades. The man was only suffering in his lifetime and he didn't understand why. But it's obvious, he was just a toy, entertainment for omnipotence of non-existence.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Pekka Pt (Clay Figure, Gelsomina, Sick Seed) approved my artwork "Breastfeeder" to be the cover of his upcoming Hard And Obscure #4 zine. The zine will have interviews with Aarni (, Umpio (, Obscurex (, Sadistic Bliss, Tsurisaki Kiyotaka ( and one more tba.
The main character is a creature covered in latex mask. A women with uncountable number of breasts. She is useful just for providing essential substances for newborns. This is some kind of experiment, how much she will be able to give. Medical service supervises all the process tepidly. Behind the Breastfeeder stands an older child. He is to big to be breastfeeded, but still small enough to pretend to be a warrior while trying to impress his ex-feeder. He wants once again to suck one of her juicy breasts. Breastfeeder was created just for one purpose, and as soon as she didn't serve well, she will be replaced by new one. That's more or less an explanation of visual components. Lots of meanings are behind that, including exploitation, subservience, human modification and indifference, anonymity. Question, why we are trying to save the lives of weak individuals, to give them support, when that is clear that their future will be all meaningless misery...

Saturday, September 17, 2011


People are getting tattoos of my drawings again so I must be doing it right, or rather, attracting the correct bad crowd.
My Mickey Mouse bomber on Alyssa Townsend. I love Mickey Mouse!!! If you watch the early cartoons, any anti-social behavior he was involved in in the underground comix is totally in character, despite Disney wanting to clean everything up in the 40s. The dirty 30s show a different Disney. THE TRUE DISNEY.
 Tattoo of my Mickey Mouse drawing
One of my trolls on Edvard Corvax. I keep meeting old Punk Rockers with tattoos of my art on them. It rules.
Tattoo of one of my Trolls.
My Ramonster on Lacey James. Notice his Mickey Mouse t-shirt! It would either be that or Popeye or Donald Duck.
  Lacey's Ramonster Tattoo
Here's the first Ramonster by the way. He's wearing a Coney Island t-shirt.

A fourth perfect goth: Edna Tichenor

 London After Midnight hits my gothic spot harder than almost anything else, it does not matter that all we have is screenshots because they are absoloutely stunning screens. You can find the screenshot version of the movie in the Lon Chaney Collection dvd set but it is not listed prominently on the box but it is well worth it and probably better than anything else on the set. I think Chaney in this film is possibly the coolest looking monster I've ever seen and on top of that, Edna Tichenor is one of the most excruciatingly perfect goth girls I've ever seen. In the limited amount of surviving movies she was also in, she was a goth in those too. I wonder what she was like in day to day life.



showing everything

hold on

out of bounds


no way down


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey Hey
Here's a linoleum print I've done for a USA magazine about poetry, but I never heard about it after sending the file... I don't ask money for my job, I love having a copy of the books where I'm involved, but when there's no answer, or "yes, you can have it for only xxeuro" or any other answer, it drive me nut.
This one is not imitation of anything, just quick drawing with marker & then cut. Still have copies of the print.
This was supposed illustration of a poem, but I can't be sure of the meaning of it, so I do that after some words I'd like...

Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm back on my Weirdo Art kick. The cartoon distortion, loose (for me) brushwork & anal shading has been super satisfying lately. I just finished up the second Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps card series but I haven't begun to promote them yet. I got a fantastic print job done from a friend of mine here on super heavy stock that's glossy on one side & matte on the other & the things just look fantastic. I'm also working on illustrating more of PORK magazine, which is also going very well. Here are a couple of illustrations from PORK. BAD IDEAS MEGA MIX I did this play on the Rolling Stones' lips for Personal & the Pizzas. Personal & the Pizzas

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ideya Garanina

This is some of the most beautiful animation I've ever seen. Ideya Garanina did it. When trying to look for an old favorite animation I posted here years ago I found that it along with an enormous chunk of russian animation has been taken off youtube and it has angered a lot of people who dispute Funtik's right to all of these short films when they will probably not offer a new way to watch all this stuff.

Walking with Death

Here's a new illumination I made after a drawing (uh scrapboard, isn't?) by Marcel Ruijters to continue our work which will be first shown here in Forcalquier, south France.
This is a painting on parchment (from goat) with animal glue and handmade colors which are : azurit, minium, cinaber, lead white, red, green & yellow ochre, indigo, carmin, Naples yellow.
It's done following 2 models : an anonymous manuscript from Paris (1410) & Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, both typic gothic style.
I tried to find something between unfinished-like from first manuscript, and perfect volumes in the other one.
Also I don't make gilding, that's quiet unusual for this genre, but not rare. I was much interested in doing this background.
I could have spent more time on it of course, here is 6-8 hours, like I said I'm looking for irregular painting, not too much complete & perfection...
I post 3 pictures to see different steps, going up with colors & finition

At Marcel : hope you like it !!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Two New Unicorn Afire Colorways

The always popular Unicorn Afire print which lasted three editions has finally been put to bed and is sold out. In its place I have printed two brand-new colorways more in line with my current color scheme. The yellow & gold version is limited to 40 signed & numbered copies. The gold on black version is limited to 20 signed & numbered copies. Each is only $10 post-paid in my web store.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Releasing my first art zine this winter. A5, black & white. Oriented to perversions, abnormalities, pathologies.
Last date of admission for collaborations is 13th of September.
 Interested? Let me know :