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I just want to wish you and yours a happy thanksgiving. I am very thankful for my friends, family, job and home. I am glad to have "met" you all here and am glad to be a part of EBD. Best wishes to you all for now and for a great Christmas Season. Happy Hannukah and Kwanza also. Eat turkey til you sweat.

The Black Hole.

I've wanted to see this film since I saw bits of it on TV one X-mas as a nipper and got really into the cute robots v.i.n.c.e.n.t. and old b.o.b.
Finally got to see it and it's great, bit wooden at the start but it gets going and has a real dark, bonkers feel to it. The whole thing looks beautiful too.

Livre Sans Poche : Interview with Yann Trehin

Yann Trehin was a member of Strategie Alimentaire which was a very inspiring fanzine editor. (You may know the work of Samuel Mann or Guillaume Soulatges or the fanzine La Commissure…) Have a look at his work it is worth it : Avancement 06 , Avancement 07. (Two brilliant web pages I think.)

He agreed to answer to some questions about the Livre Sans Poche… (livre sans poche : literally, book without a pocket)

A: I suppose I could do it. But I let you introduce the idea of Livres Sans Poches…

Y: The "Livres Sans Poches" are thin-sized photocopied fanzines (A6, black and white, 16 pages) which are distributed according to the bookcrossing principle. This means that each copy is given away or made available in a public place so it can be read by someone who in turn will make it available to somebody else etc. Thus the books circulate from reader to reader and belong to everybody and nobody at the same time. Also, there is a website where people are welcome to comment, write about the places where they found the books and the way in which they passed them on… The books are numbered, which makes it possible to trace the different routes they cover. On this website you can also print out the books and make use of them as you wish.

A: Considering the random distribution of these fanzines and their wide accessibility, do you envisage any mismatch in the interaction between the books and a public which they were not intended for?

Y: Obviously, this distribution principle is part of the book project (to facilitate comprehension, the principle is quite plainly exposed on the fourth cover so that anybody who might come across such a book can grasp the essence). Thus, total freedom being allowed, all readers are invited to involve dynamically and creatively in the physical life of these books by choosing where to make them available, by sharing opinions through the website and even by uploading photos of abandoned books. In conclusion there are no mismatches actually, but a wide range of possibilities implied by the concept. On the other hand, I can see the meaning underlying your question, given the fact that all the books fundamentally embrace the same aesthetics. However I don’t think that the concept of 'Livre Sans Poche' implies creating a book deprived of originality, just to match any taste. In other words, I just publish things that I like, and that's the bottom line.

A: On the back cover of the book which you allowed me to create I made the suggestion for readers to discreetly slip some Livres Sans Poches inside other books… This was my reaction to the prospective that some Livres Sans Poches might end up being available in bookshops. Can't this attitude be interpreted as a desire to assimilate the distribution facilities? Is this not an incentive to use these facilities for other purposes and without formalities?

Y: No doubt, I created Livres Sans Poches in reaction to the issues that the distribution of fanzines might involve in terms of price, merchandising etc.. I had a huge desire to say FUCK: nobody creates fanzines to make money; then why should we play the vendors to distribute our books? The bookcrossing concept offers the possibility to deliver books outside the merchandising system and this is very good. Your proposition to squat bookshops may be regarded as a kind of invitation to pirate the system... Ok, why not? But as far as I'm concerned I would say that there are other alternatives available, to elude the current 'culture diffusion' marketing system. It is slightly utopian but that is the reason I feel even more motivated to fight."

A: Any notable reactions from authors or readers?

Y: In general, all the people to whom I presented the concept - mostly during the comix festivals, were very receptive…. The only decidedly negative feedback came from a book dealer labeled “if I like a book I keep it”. Of course! But the Livre sans Poche concept states exactly the opposite!

G : My analogy may be far-fetched but I've noted in the Livre Sans Poche a quite strong connection to reality : the content of the book isn’t confined to what’s between its covers. I feel pretty much the same about your drawings and music (listen to Yann's music here).

Y : As regards my drawings I’m not sure we can establish a correlation with reality because my art is never mimetic. I always draw from memory. My images aren’t real: they are pure fantasies playing with this pretence of the seeming reality. Getting back to Livres Sans Poches, we deal with books, which are real, tangible objects. As to the wide range of possibilities offered by the Internet, in our opinion they represent a valid option. I think that one of the fundamental ideas of bookcrossing is to show that the exchange processes which develop by means of the Internet can also be found in the physical world. This is beyond doubt a very utopian point of view. But I believe that it opens new paths for reflection. And there’s still a long way to go!

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Demons From School

Here's a handful of artworks I made around 12 or 13 years ago when I was in my late teens and a senior in highschool.

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Love Letters From The Gutters Of Chicago

Ok, so my brother found this on the sidewalk about 4 years ago when he was living in Chicago. I don't know what compelled him to pick it up, but it's a good thing he did because here we are four years later having a good laugh at what he found!

When I see u I love u, when I teach u I love u, when I play basketball against u I love u. No I love u! If u were an overgrown lizard I'd still love u. I love u. Will u love me back? I know we have our age differences but I'm sure we could work that out. You're the thing I think about most besides chocolate. I wish I could have told u this at school but it was too private. I know we can work it out if I get a decent job and u skip college. When I see u, a little light inside me sparks up. Your gayness turns me on. I know it might be weird seeing us two walking down the street but if I can handle my feelings for u I can handle eggs being thrown at us everyday. When we live together we could share our thoughts and own a sweet little kitten. I thought we might be able to have a parrot but I've had troubles with parrots. I once had a parrot and it shouted gay at me at my 16th birthday party, I never had any friends after that. That dumb parrot. Remember I Love U. You're secret admirer

Mr. Driscoll

P.S I know u wear makeup


Another page from the strip I'm working on - trying out collage a little with the first panel.

weep & seep


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S. Clay Wilson doing a little better.

Dennis Dread reports that Ron Turner, founder of Last Gasp comics in San Francisco visited S. Clay Wilson, expecting to say goodbye & instead found himself saying, "See you later." Read it for yourself here. Like i said, keep him in your thoughts.

'Oppressive Dreams'

This is an excerpt from my first attempt at a solo cd-r 'Oppressive Dreams', I'd like to make it available as a free mp3 download but haven't figured out the best way to do it yet.
If anyone's innarested it's available here for the next week:
The zip file includes the cover art, best printed onto tracing paper, folded and put into a plastic sleeve.
Tracklisting is:
Oppressive Dreams part one
Last Bus
Oppressive Dreams part two

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three pages by my friend Griffin Waldau


evil eye logo

I just vomited out this logo for my old friend Jake Kelly who is now producing the blog & zine "The Evil Eye". The blog covers mostly horror movie reviews so far. Check it out! He is part of the American Trash Culture movement as well.

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Puzzle Panic

Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps Puzzle Back

This is the puzzle that you can assemble from the correct 9 Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps cards. I think i've drawn about 10 different pictures where things take the form of a nuclear mushroom cloud.

If YOU'D like some packs of these for yourself, they are 1.50 ppd for a waxpack of 7. You can paypal gogoblinko at gmail dot com. 27 cards total. Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps on one side, comics, heroic profiles, cultural signifiers, this grotesque puzzle image & more on the other side.


Courtesy of At Her Discretion.

Boppity But Boop

New Blog Please bookmark and add links pleeeease.

Got me a new blog for monster art and info. I am going to teach a monster class at my school as an after school program nad Mr. Mostyn is what all the kids call me so the name stuck. Much thanks to Sean for inspiration. I am also drawing strips again (haven't done in a while). Here is a new one. I am also making a Monsterama zine as well.

Mega Napkin

I put all of my napkin drawings together, into one big "-gliph." The majority of them were drawn at my work over a period of a year. I stopped doing them about two months ago. Some of the stuff I came up with on the napkins has been used on bigger inks. Mega Napkin is sort of a study, since I want to put them together like that, under one frame, and hang it on a wall.

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Say A Prayer for S. Clay Wilson

S. Clay Wilson, pioneering grotesque underground comix artiste extraordinaire is in a coma with apparent brain
damage after being found unconscious lying in the street in the rain in San Francisco. His work is full of the dangerous element, pirates, demons & bikers.

S. Clay Wilson represents the good side of the 60s to me, which was not repressing your creative tendencies, upsetting the uptight squares & male chauvinism.

"Just because you depict evil, doesn't mean you are evil. People always get that confused. They expect me to be all the monsters I draw. I say, 'No, I'm a repressed Victorian. I shuffle around here and I drink my morning tea.' People show up in leathers and s**t, looking like my characters, I won't let them in my house."

"I get a lot of flak from feminists, but we all do, But within that group of feminists, there's all kinds of mentalities. Some don't understand what we're dong -- making fun of everything. Spain (Rodriguez) gets a lot of s**t about it, we all do. I like the idea of keeping the boat rocking."

Here's an interview with him.
& another one.

Anyhow, just keep him in your thoughts.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Meet The Greedy

I found this while browsing Ogrish of all places. Gotta love a monster made of junkfood! Watch a video clip of this scene here.

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A Sequel I Did Not Know About

Courtesy the excellent DrillPop

Final Destinations and New Blog

Hi Duckers. Had a question just to satisfy my own curiosity. I was wondering what you all do with all of the things we see on this site. Where do you use it? What form does it take? Books,CD's, etc. I know that guys like Aaron have like 50 million things in the works but dont know what he does with them.

Second thing. I have a new blog which I hope will be tied into a new zine of monster realted goodness I am working on. I am also taking Sean's lead and teaching some of my kids at my middle school about monsters in an after school program. I will post my monster stuff there and any of the normal art on the Squat thrust site. Hope you will stop by as new work goes up.


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Boogers N' Blood

Here's an example of the kind of stuff that's on the back of my new Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps cards. (they're still being cut & packed into their packs so they'll be mailed out by friday!) 27 different cards with a different Monster, Weirdo or Creep on the front & then a comic, some weird art, a profile of a cool dude (Ed Roth for example) or a culturally important item (pinball, coney island, hot dogs) on the back. 7 cards to a pack. Secret additional cards will appear in any Goblinko releases for the rest of the year.
boogers n' blood cereal
My little brother Daniel (aka Danny James) formerly of the Cuts, now doing solo music came up with the boogers & blood concept when he was working on his master's thesis in advanced brattyness at age 9, after noticing that big juicy boogers have blood on the end of them frequently.

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Maybe the coolest pinball game of all time? Mystery Score.

I'm a little more obsessed with this than i should be.

The top corner of our kitchen showing half of our wood weirdos collection & some other junk. Photo by my wife.