Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paper Kills Trees cover experiment

paper kills trees cover experiment
This is a possible cover for a new art magazine called "Paper Kills Trees". I'm not sure about it yet... i did some stuff that's experimental (for me) with the color & non-black lines & stuff. I felt like i was hallucinating & in another dimension while i was working on it late last night, listening to the commentary on Jesus Christ Superstar.

Floating City Above Rotten Landscape

Here's one of a selection of artworks made for the band "Unholy" for their upcoming album "New Life Behind Closed Eyes" on Prosthetic Records.
The album won't be out for a few months yet but details will appear on the band's page at the label here and their Myspace page.

The concept of the image was given to me by band member Jonathan Dennison and I just went crazy with it until I ended up with the image seen above.

I fell in love with the power of the stark contrasts possible in black and white imagery but color is something I'm really starting to find interesting. I began fine tuning a unique process of colorization that while very time consuming, allows me to approach the color effects in a painterly fashion. I'm really happy with the glowing toxic warm colors of the tumor like worm things on the ground.

some drawings 09 08 06

spell to preserve against attack by she who is in the water

god maker

Thursday, February 26, 2009


A new issue of Pipu! Pipu's Detective Agency. The pirate Charlton Barnacle's girlfriend the mermaid has gone missing & Pipu is the only one who can solve the mystery! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? You can order yours now for $2 (usa only). Color cover & interior pages are printed in exciting single (non-black) colors like those old phonebook manga. 20 pages. 5.5" x 4.25"
Pipu: Pipu's Detective Agency

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eat some

Got real burned out after last show but I got out some markers and had some fun. Now I'm a bit more charged up than before. Funny how that works.

Crank It

This is a drawing I did for the Wet Nightmare show.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oil pastel drawings.

Here's something I've been experimenting with, I'm thinking of doing a load of these drawings and then exhibiting them somewhere.
Not sure whether to do them as an
A3 comic strip or to make 'em bigger one off drawings.

Boris Lurie, Leader of a Confrontational Art Movement, Dies at 83

I came across this article.

Here are a few quotes from it:

"Mr. Lurie was born in Leningrad in 1924 but soon after moved with his family to Latvia. During World War II he was imprisoned in a succession of concentration camps, absorbing graphic images that would resurface decades later in etchings, paintings and collages. "

"The artists gave a name to their movement, No! Art, the following year, when they staged a show at the Gallery Gertrude Stein in Manhattan. That work was meant to be a rebellion against Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art as well as a protest against dehumanizing influences like fascism, racism and imperialism."

“They were saying no to a world that was saying yes, buy more, spend more,” said Ms. Stein, the gallery owner. “It was retaliation against the consumerism of the post-Second World War boom.”

"A 1962 etching by Mr. Lurie, for instance, combined a swastika and a Star of David. A 1959 work, “Railroad Collage,” superimposed an image of a partly dressed woman over another image of corpses stacked on a flatbed rail car."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Give your ears a treat....

I love this blog, no idea who the people behind it are or where they find all these obscure wonders but damn it's ace, check it out!
Mutant Sounds

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here’s a couple pics of a doll. I used to make these. They were inspired by Day of the Dead art, Voodoo dolls and other folk dolls…

My Uzi Weighs a Ton

Uzi Reptoid Comic beginning (early)

Uzi Reptoid Power Armor (early)

In addition, i've been watching some old He-Man cartoons & really loving their awesome animation cycles. Great movement & great energy from them. It's definitely a factory of cartoons with not a lot of creative animation, but the whole Filmation style is amazingly put together. As a reader of John K's blog, he's always ragging on the Filmation & Hanna Barbara models of animation, which is understandable, because he has a very clear way he wants to put together cartoons & is a bossy sonofabitch who needs to run his own studio, but at the same time, there's something really amazing & insane about the sheer volume of cartoons that these guys put out, & if you're talking about entertainment dollar, both studios did it right. It's something i plan on emulating in the future. Plus, who else has put out various sci-fi barbarian cartoons? Hmmmm?




Flash Gordon

Thundarr the Barbarian (Hannah Barbara)

Some sketchy goodness

Just a page from yesterday in my sketchbook. I have ten pages from the journal in an anthology that we are publishing locally that looks to be very promising. We are having a release party the second Friday of March. I will have some info on where to get them if anyone wants. I was walking to work yesterday and I imagined theeyes with the blocks in them that you see here. I am experimenting with comics without panels that look just like what you see (minus the notes about the poster info).

Cute Butchery for Glory Hole

These are two pages from a small comix which will be published in the next issue of Glory Hole. The guy who publishes this zine –Ronchon- posts one drawing per day on L’Enclume des Jours –visual jokes and puns.
The story: A child is born. His genitors cut his four limbs so their boy will stay beautiful and will always walk on four legs. Their boy then becomes the master of the world because he is loved by powerful men and women who enjoy using his stumps as dildos. End of story (the child actually is kind of crazy).

Friday, February 20, 2009

fleshies- "gung ho!"

this is the front cover i made for the american punkband fleshies & their "gung ho!"-cd compilation from 2004. it's released on the "life is abuse"-label.

even more pics from wet nightmare!

so, here's now some more pics from the zeke-curated "wet nightmare"-exhib there in fold gallery, london 2 weeks ago. there's even some pics of the stuff that i now put up on the walls, mostly being collaborations with 10 other cartoonists from all around europe, for my work in progress "S/M-chic(k) with a foot in her mouth"-project!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thawing Out

These are a few I've done over the past few months. I like them, but in my mind they have a sort of depressive quality that contrasts with my more meticulous approach. They were drawn in the dark, harsh winter on Minnesota, a decidedly depressing experience. I started a drawing zine called TOMB over the winter ( not done yet!) if that gives you a clue. It's a schism that makes life interesting right now in terms of drawing; I feel pretty out of control while drawing these types of drawings. I don't plan them at all. Maybe light pencil here and there. Sometimes I really like that feeling, but at the same time I really like the feeling of drawing in a more meticulous way, where you feel as though you're carefully crafting. You can pick up where you left off and grow it and build it. It feels like an affirmation of self and life in general, in a way, while these feel like a kind of desperate, fleeting moment in ink, or an acknowledgment of feelings of futility ( but in a good way.).
Not sure if I buy into any kind of astrology or anything, but my innate desire to balance things out is reflected in the concept of the LIBRA. There is always something that needs to be rectified . And right now, as I try to figure out what images to submit to interested editors and other people for various projects, it's the fight between control/craft and raw/emotion.

I come to Love what i Hate.

black rider
You know them "25 Things About Me" jobs that were being filled out on Facebook (by the way, there's a Eaten By Ducks page on there & a bunch of us. Find it!) nonstop? Well, one of mine was "I come to Love what i once hated" or something along those lines. Anyhow, i've been tracking this non-drawerly drawing trend since about 2000, when i started seeing it pop up in Japanese magazines (this is when Japan was still kind of cutting the edges a bit), & even though i'm kind of sequestered out here in the boonies & in a culturally backwards little land, i've been tracking this sloppy abstract drawing stuff & seeing it rise. My first reaction to it was, "good, finally drawing is going to be okay for galleries." But the drawings were all in this naive, outsider artish, & quite often fruit of the looms style. Since then, the style has darkened & gotten bolder, with more neon & more blood & slime & guts & things. All good stuff. Looks just like these drawings me & Theo Carlson would do in art class where we'd draw for a couple minutes & then hand the paper over until the paper was totally filled with stuff. He would then take them home & look at them while on acid. The first big hitter was Neckface probably, in terms of largescale direction & popularity. I publicly didn't like Neckface but my gut loves his stuff. LOVES. Similar thing happened to me back in 1992 when i got a large package of comics & art from Mike Diana out of the blue. I loved it. But, i was also like, "man, i could never publish shit like this in my zine or do stuff like this cos it's just too far down that road." My art & zine & everything was the same weird mix of anti-social plus social that i am today, which is a weird fence to sit on, but that's the way it goes. Anyhow, having discovered Le Dernier Cri while trying to find more Gary Panter stuff a while ago, i rediscovered Mike Diana & this larger gross psychedelic art & decided that i'm going to have to start working in this style for the larger art world. Thus is born The Uzi Reptoid. Which, i'm not sure i even need to work under, because i'm there. But it's a cool name & i need to stop hitting up "SEAN" on the walls, because it's a little obvious don't you think?

Welcome To The Monster Factory

Here's some early builds of monsters to be used on my in progress digital artwork. I'm doing hundreds of creatures so I'm cranking out some different anatomical designs on the side that I can drop in and clean up with additional texture layers and varying effects in the finished piece.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get outta your mind and get outta my way

Here's some photos from the Wet Nightmare show we did at Fold Gallery the title of the show is taken from a song by The Cramps and the week we were putting the show up, Lux Interior died of a heart attack so the show became a tribute to him. I've been listening to The Cramps since I was a teenager and to this day their hopped up rock'n'roll excites me even when the world seems unutterably dull and tiresome. The doggedly determined ferocity of their last record soothes my overactive brain in less lucid moments too...
'Here lie the bloody gears of a boppin' machine'

6th - 22nd February 2009

Terri Affleck, Aeron Alfrey, Billy Anderson-Barnes (aka Sumocloud), Noémie Barsolle, Dominic Beattie, Zeke Clough, crippaXXXalmqvist, Susan Fitzpatrick, Gaspard Garcia, Judy Goreland, Kez, Jacques Mournault, Jeni Sadler, Guillaume Soulatges, Marc Van Elburg