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Tomorrow starting to do silkscreen prints on t-shirts with artwork SATAN IS MY BOYFRIEND \m/ LIMITED EDITION. If you would like to buy one - write to 10 euros. More different designs in the future.

An encounter

No monsters this time, as this is an assignment for a Dutch poetry magazine, after a poem by the recently deceased Wislawa Szymborska, from Poland.

BQL n°4 : Bazik

Hey kids
I just completed a new zine made of unpublished stuff, melting sketches, prints, scrapboard & drawings. It's A5, black & white, xerox, 44pages + bristol cover).

Available for sale (5euro shipping included) & swap/trade.

"Les branquignolades" (which word I couldn't translate, somekind of shitty mistake) is a collection open to all volunteer, just ask, send stuff, I'll print a short series (usually 30), I send you one third (so usually 10) + the final pdf. Then we sell ours, you sell yours and each of us could print more!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heh, long time no post. No real excuses I guess beyond being scatterbrained, but I've not abandoned this craft. Here's a little something I've been toiling over lately.

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Here goes PORK #6!!! I interviewed Stanley Mouse, Ralph Bakshi, Shawn Dickinson, Arbito, Snaggs, the No Tomorrow Boys, King Khan, Guantanamo Baywatch & a hermit crab named Pablo. As always: Weirdo Art, Bad Ideas, Rock&Roll!!!

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Resurrection of the Dead

This is a fragment from a drawing I am working on. I really, really hate pasting several scans together into a large piece, but for now there's no way around it. Anyway, it will get some colour and all later on. Some of the dead appear as pretty ladies, others are skeletons who still have to wait for God to give them a warm coat of flesh before their ascent.

The inspiration came from this fresco by Luca Signorelli (1445-1523). The way the squeaky-clean dead appear from the ground almost has a pop art quality. The first time I spotted it was on the cover of one of Piero Camporesi's books, La carne impassibile (in a Dutch translation). It may not be available in English, but it is a wonderful book about everything from the perfume industry to self-immolation to (pseudo-)cannibalism in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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Untitled comic zine

Various – To Clench A Piglet compilation 3" cd-r

3" compilation cd-r in a limited edition of 65 copies released by Debila Records from Slovenia. Contact:

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Working on another lino cut. This one is somewhat inspired by one of Hans Baldung Grien's depictions of Death and the Maiden.

The tree is coming out nicely and so is the feral woman's fur. The black border needs some embellishments. And still deciding what to do with the upper part of the tree. The banner should say "Quid?" when it's finished. (Death is puzzled by the natural resistance of nuns who have reverted to a feral state)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Kapreles - Decontructed Raw Data 3" cd-r

Recently released by Debila Records from Slovenia in a limited edition of 30 copies.
Mostly harsh noise & some ambient. Contact

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"The Dog"

This piece actually took me awhile to make.  I used a variety of found materials mixing them with drawing.  This piece is life size.  Once it's out of my studio I don't know where I'm gonna put it.  On another note, I have been reflecting on my experience at the thrift store, most people buy things (shoes, tee shirts, etc) and they give those things another life, while in my case when they fall into my hands they get de-assembled and go thru a metamorphosis- finding a new purpose in my work thru their destruction.

NIGHT drawings

Sometimes I work as a nightwatch at a housing for mentally and physically handicapped. It gives me plenty of time to draw and watch are some of the drawings, I made it as a little booklet in 19 copies. I was handing it out to V.I.P´s at the opening of my exhibition "KULTPUMPEN" last year @Damp Gallery