Sunday, July 29, 2007

July = Tee design month?

I'm really glad to have my new site up and running. Updating the site is a lot easier when I'm happy with how it looks (not to mention that it functions perfectly, which is always a plus).

I had planned to do another video blog, but I got two great contracts a few days after my last update. I was invited to do a Threadless Select shirt and I had an offer to do a shirt for Oddica. Both of these were cool in that I got to dictate the subject matter and do my own thing. Oddica offered some poignant art direction and made the whole thing much better, too. I love when the people I'm working with get my concept and I'm happier when they have input that makes it better.

If you haven't been to Oddica, go. Just the other day, as I got a vegan hummus wrap from my daily lunch stop, the employee behind the counter offered me a free sandwich, 'cause, "You always come in with the coolest shirts. You can have my daily sandwich." He broke his jaw not long before and couldn't eat it anyway. Protein shakes and soup, for him, I guess. Ouch.

However, Oddica = free lunch. You can't beat that with a stick.

I'm usually a black pocket-tee sorta guy, but one of the advantages of doing a lot of tee designs this past year has been the freebies. I haven't bought a shirt in about six months. Well, except for a few Herbivore items, but I'm doing work for them now, too. The magazine/shop is for a cause I believe in, and I offered to do some stuff pro bono, but they insisted I at least take store credit. That's fine with me. They have a bunch of awesome vegan cookbooks and gear. I'm eying my recycled bicycle inner-tube belt as I type this. Really rad.

Anyhow, I wanted to post some progress shots for the Threadless Select shirt, which was the first thing on my daunting list of freelance.


Tee in Progress

medusa 04.png


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Aeron said...

Really great stuff Ray. I love the green highlights on the skull. Well, I love green glowing skulls anyway if my art blog title didn't already give that away. It would have been cool if the snakes were shown originating as veins from the fist.

Matthew Allison said...

Everything about this is rad. Rad, I say.

Ray Frenden said...

Thanks, guys. I'm excited about this one.