Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mr. Sean in the news!!!

Fun article about me in the Lane Community College Torch newspaper.
Mr. Sean's neighborhood welcomes the unique and eccentric to the art world - Arts
"To me, good art is a combination of having the skills and the vision, but also kicking over garbage cans and digging up graves. Making all of this political propaganda feel-good art is just too communistic for me to deal with." ha ha!

Also, personal note. My first gang was Rat Punks. We had the most gang graffiti up in Berkeley in 1995. That's right you punks!!!


Aeron said...

That vending machine idea sounds rad! What kind of stuff are you putting in it?

zeke said...

'The rat punks' sound fuckin' great.Do you have any photos you could post either of the gang or of the gang graffiti?!
I always get a real kick out of your posts and this one man art war you're waging!!!

Mr. Sean said...

Thanks Aeron. The machine is one of those triple sticker vendors with two bubblegum machines one on each side. I don't have they keys for the bubblegum machines unfortunately, but we're trying to figure something out. They're gonna have comics, zines & stickers in them, all small size for 50 cents a pop. cheap. Yeah Zeke, no real historic evidence exists. Our graffiti was also really fast & ugly tagging, so taking pictures wasn't really a big importance. Thanks for the encouragement also, it's hard to do this battle every day! But i can't say i don't enjoy it. I'm a very aggressive person.