Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New ink "Hatchery"

This is a followup to an ink I did about 2 years ago. The difference between this and the older one is that the other ink was done more free-handed, in terms of the faces. While in this one, I used four initial faces and traced those, copying them over and over again. Most of the time coming in and retouching the transfer anyway, beginning from the right side of the ink. Which is kind of interesting, the process made me think of "ascendancy" and genetics. I've decided that for the next one I'm going to pick the "best" face and just use it throughout the entire ink. I think that would possibly be for the better, since I'm not quite that happy with this result.



I definitely have some kind of weird obsession with repeated small images, this piece was initially very satisfying, also that they are pink. I think adding more variety, like if they were all making different faces, it would be more exciting though, it would have more of a lasting interest i mean.

MD Encolpius said...

Hey Sean, I think you raise a good point. I especially like the "lasting interest" thought. Definitely something to think about.