Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pizza Party Pineapple Face Prototype

More prototypes. Seeing how they sit with me. Getting a feel for them. Touching their privacy. Let me know what you think?!


Human Mollusk said...

Both are really great, but I think the Collexor blends into his background more naturally,probably because there is also some of that nasty magenta in the figure itself, whereas Pinapple Face has no blue on him at all.
I'm just pulling this crit out of my ass, tho - as I said, both look wicked!


Thanks Fufu. True, but also not so important!

Gaiihin Gobulblœme said...

Pizza as we know them nowadays were invented in America, maybe by italians imigrants, there was tomato tarts in Spain and Italie but no "real" pizza.

Cool image it looks tacky and cheep so I like that. More shadow on the floor maybe ?

Paleo said...

Yeah, try a shadow on the floor, see how it works, but this stuff is an editor's nightmare! dead on shit Sean.