Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I read and reconsidered all your comments/opinions and I'm really thankful for all . Today I created this one. The idea was born spontaneously, I  thought about feelings that never leave me: absurdity, gratuitousness, vacuity... My friend said good phrase once, that we are "generation whatever". I believe in drawing as my way of coping with my existence. Lately I extraordinarily give importance to representation of feelings in my artworks: passion/pitifulness /threat <...> This one is about weakness / illness, I leave the right to choose. Choose the position of evaluation.
I was thinking about comment of  Gaiihin, "From my opinion you should try curvier crosshatchings and as well all sort of textures." At this moment I'm focused on crosshatchings, but I agree that "we use only a very small quantity of all possible shapes which is innumerable." For Robert Adam Gilmour  I can say that there is mutation in time, so there's naturally born changes in expression, small or grand.  And about lightining as Human Mollusk  mentioned, I am exploring this subject, solving questions at the time, it is always in my head, always there is a decision I have to make: to be more decorative  or to make the illusion of space, give more sense of reality. At the moment I am satisfied with my personal visual balance, every line I draw is considered, but I can not predict the future, I'm also interesting in experimenting.

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Gaiihin said...

This is very good... The contrast is very strong. There are very few area of pure black colour, you could have more ; this way the gradations could be even more powerful. One some area the crosshatching is so dark that it becomes texture. What about the background?

This picture is very romantic. I would recommand you to read Charles Baudelaire, if you haven't.