Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SUPPORT for true underground artists needed!


What's the Story?

Greetings everyone! I'm Shaltmira, graphic artist from Lithuania and here's my diabolical plan:

There are no old& strong zine releasing traditions in Lithuania so I decided start making changes in this wasteland - I started to develop the idea of releasing extraordinary zine with weird, dark and shocking artworks in summer 2011. I came up to ideal of calling it
EXCESSIVE VOYEURISM!  I invited fellow artist from Eatenbyducks blog to participate, also posted open call for collaborations in my website and my Facebook page, and also I have written to other interesting artist I know, from Lithuania as well. Now I have all the artworks and interviews and the process of preparing layout for publishing already started (thanks to my dear friend Kristina Alijošiūtė, who agreed to help for free!) and going to be finished until the 1st of February 2012. Then all the material will go to publishing house. Everything needs to be completed until the 9th of February 2012 because I want my zine to be presented in Vilnius Book Fair, which will be on February 23 -26, 2012 (thanks to "Kitokia grafika" for invitation)!


I'm into propagation of  weird, grimy and nonconformist art and to I want to make a great stir in Lithuanian underground art culture with my own released art zine, also to help for Lithuanian artists to communicate and collaborate with other great underground artist from abroad. Now I have collected artworks and interviews / self - introductions from these great artists:

1. Aleksandra Waliszewska
2. Martin Bladh
3. Marcel Ruijters
4. Kristina Gentvainytė
5. Alkbazz
6. Simon Andersson
7. Manuel Pereira

8. Wiley Trieff
10. Si Clark
11. Crippa Almqvist & Zeke S.Clough
12. Gaspard Pitiot
13. Vctor Dvnkel
14. Arturas Rozkovas

and also there gonna be my artworks + a short fiction story written by Aeron Alfrey.

What Is Needed & What You Get

With your help in February 2011 we will have A5 black & white art-zine EXCESSIVE VOYEURISM in our hand! Featuring 50 original artworks of 15 different artists from all over the world, along with their interviews / self introduction texts and also one piquant short story!

Since artists donated their artworks for free - I only need money for my zine publishing.

All sponsors and businesses donated 20 USD or more will get a free copy!

If I don't meet this projected goal  - my own money will be used to fill in the difference (since I don't have much...I don't want to sell my kidney!)

Other Ways You Can Help

Please, share this information with anyone who are interested in strong, uncompromising underground art! GO TO

Share with ALL your friends & frienemies!

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