Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BQL n°4 : Bazik

Hey kids
I just completed a new zine made of unpublished stuff, melting sketches, prints, scrapboard & drawings. It's A5, black & white, xerox, 44pages + bristol cover).

Available for sale (5euro shipping included) & swap/trade.

"Les branquignolades" (which word I couldn't translate, somekind of shitty mistake) is a collection open to all volunteer, just ask, send stuff, I'll print a short series (usually 30), I send you one third (so usually 10) + the final pdf. Then we sell ours, you sell yours and each of us could print more!


Marcel Ruijters said...

You are a hard-working man! Alright!

American Dirtbag Comics said...

Shit looks awesome d00d

alkbazz said...

yeah, i realized that i didn't made a zine for a long time, mostly participating to collectives!

Anonymous said...

Loving the pics, where can I buy a copy?