Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wormworld 2

Here is another drawing i made on A4 bristol paper with different stdeaetdltler pens
I'm mostly concentrated on my way of doing strokes than what the drawing really means
I really enjoy playing with different pen sizes (and their usury) to create three-dimensional effect


Marcel Ruijters said...

It's a tree-eat-tree world out there... Great stuff!

alkbazz said...

thank you maestro
you're second who mention trees, i didn't thought that when i started doing these creatures. sure it grows like trees, organic life from organic substra, but i think there's no wood into them, mostly flesh & bones

Marcel Ruijters said...

Interesting. When I was doing a lot of collaborative art with a bunch of pals in the 1990s (remind me to post some of that) we used to be under the spell of Basil Wolverton and so most of it had this fleshiness. Maybe it is obvious to think of flesh first. Would you say that it's because there is no feet in this picture, it makes me think of trees?

alkbazz said...

yep, it's rooted in the ground so it's normal to think of trees... i just didn't thought of that, i was totally into my creature, i didn't thought how it could be understood! but you're right, it's obviously looks like somekind of trees.

first remark about that was to tell me 'your trees are not welldone' - then i didn't understood what this means... now i understand! & i can say 'my creature is not welldone, peoples think it's trees' ahah

however it's good idea, i must think more about how these creatures are made of

Anonymous said...

beautiful linework and composition. really a nice piece

Marcel Herms said...

Very nice indeed. And my first thought was trees too.

alkbazz said...

thank you Marcel & Anonymous!