Friday, October 26, 2012

Comics Sketchbooks by Steven Heller

This came in the mail:

Proud to be one of the 80 featured artists. A lot of them are from the RAW circle, which is not surprising as Art Spiegelman contributed to the selection. My fellow countryman Joost Swarte is in there, and so are my pals Jakob Klemencic and Matthias Lehmann. Joseph Lambert is one of the few younger artists, but rightfully so - he's very good!

This is one of the spreads I have in the book:

It makes sense to have picked this one from a few years ago (20 sketchbooks ago) as this is from my Troglodytes series, which I did before I turned to medieval imagery. Three tomes of Troglodytes appeared in The Netherlands, while Top Shelf Comix published one collection in the States.

Anyway, Amazon carries it of course


Marcel Herms said...

A nice spread!

Is Matthias Lehman still active?

Human Mollusk said...

I bought that two weeks or so ago, and was delighted to see your work in there.
It's got some really nice sketches by many top artists in it (famous and less well-known ones), but also some where I had a hard time seeing why they were in there, be it because they weren't actually comic artists or because they weren't particularly intersting. But I guess that's normal for anthologies like this one. Overall it's a very nice book.

Marcel Ruijters said...

@Marcel H: check out for Matthias Lehmann.
@Human Mollusk: yes, it's an anthology, so there will be awkward choices. But still damn good!

Marcel Herms said...

Ah, great!

alkbazz said...

looks great!

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

congrats, marcel!