Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last weekend I was at the comics festival of Lucca in Italy. It was an exhilarating experience! Little did I know it's the third in size in the world. Despite the crowds it has a relaxed and homey atmosphere. The city itself is small and compact and ancient. I would say I prefer it to Angouleme.
Anyway, I had been invited as a part of a Dutch delegation of comic artists, including Sam Peeters, Jeroen Funke, Dace Sietina, Barbara Stok, Tim Enthoven, Milan Hulsing and Bart Nijstad. Our presentation involved some painting action. The theme was the seven deadly sins. I picked gluttony to use it as an excuse to do some more cannibals. Each of us did three paintings in three days (except Barbara who kept a diary in comic form).

I think this one came out the best, with the Romanesque swirls I like.

This autofagic guy is too clumsy to go hunting and it's not getting better.

The big ones eat the small ones. This one was the first I did. It probably shows my rustiness at the time. We were tired from travelling, plus I paint only now and then...
More photos of the festival were made, but they will pop up at some other spot if all works out.


crippaXXXalmqvist said...

those are great paintings all 3, but it can actually be so that my favorite is that third one! which seems to be the first one you did, marcel..'n i can't see any "rustiness" there. looks quite perfect to me.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Thanks Crippa!
Yeah, it's always strange how one's personal feelings about some artwork can be so different from the perception of others. It happens.

Kurt Komoda said...

I like the middle one best, because I didn't realize at first that he was chomping on his own leg! Excellent work!