Saturday, April 06, 2013

I'm Forced To Write Something... order not to be kicked out, at least that was the prerequisite for joining this blog. So, I'll tell you people out there, friends and associates, what's going on. I've completely stopped drawing anything at all, since summer. I've done other things, creative things, but then lots of time has been spent working my day-job. It's ok. Then, this spring I started taking a course in literature, and it's great. Reading the classics, naturally.

Just the other day I received an email from publisher Last Gasp in San Francisco, with a mention that I'm in a book called "Pop Psychedelic" that they distribute (or co-publish?). I didn't even remember what that was all about, it's been something like two or three years since I contributed a couple of images, and I don't even recall what they were. In any case, this must be a world-record of slowness on behalf of a publisher, even if I admit to being pretty slow myself before deadlines once in a while, but still.

Other than that, continuing -albeit with very little energy- the Shooting Star Gallery venture. Last spring we started out with a nice show here in Stockholm, then we all had better things to do, and less money.

I believe money is an issue here, with me and everyone else. No-one ever pays me anything for any of my images that are published, honestly. The New York Times are the only ones who ever did so, thank you NYT.
I will do some prints a.s.a.p. that are ordered from Shooting Star Gallery (you can, too!) and that will paradoxically give money. So, it seems that prints are in, but to be published in some random magazine is out. And for me, that means for ever, almost, unless you do make an excruciatingly awesome zine that is so cool that I just have to be in it.

Take care,

The belated anthology. Not sure who else is in it. Not sure what it is, at all. Likely a collection of images just sitting there, incoherently.


Human Mollusk said...

Thanks for the update Marcus, but don't worry - nobody forces you to post stuff.

alkbazz said...

yeah, some news once in a while or good enough!

surprising things to have news 2 years later, but, as we say, better later than never!

prints are in you're right, that's good way to make some money as original drawings are often too expensive, and books not really money bringer.

And yes, i'll make one of these new collective zine, probably in october, without any money but hope you would like to be in it!