Friday, May 09, 2014

Correction rounds: Jheronimus and the lepers

I am going to have to do a few rounds of corrections to the pages of my Jheronimus book... At the top, the 2013 version of a page from chapter 3 (the first i started working on), at the bottom a more detailed version from today. The glossy paper i use allows this kind of treatment without damaging the material too much. At first, i thought i could get away with leaving lots of space empty. Nonsense, of course. Call it tedium vacui for my part. But seriously, after colouring these pages it would not work. And at the start of the book i was more concerned with moving ahead with the story than with filling in all the blanks.


Kurt Komoda said...

Marcel, this is looking great!

Paleo said...

Yes, you're in the right path, those little bits of shading add a lot to the already beautifully designed pages of comic.