Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Buzzzy Weaks

Hello Ducks

last weeks were kind of busy with several new books including Kutte 1 metalzine & some books made by students learning in our studio, but also this nice one compilling works by former EBD Gaspard Pitiot and Eric Demelis.

Also several bookfair and festival including the amazing Crack! in Roma, this year was about Capital for which we made fake money (here's mine which is not printed yet) and a linobook made with last year linoworkshop

And this is a drawing I made for a tape release by a norvegian musician

Plus bonus this one i made during the Crack!


Marcel Ruijters said...

Nice, everyone should start making their own money now.

Again, i had to pass Crack festival. Too bad.

alkbazz said...

Crack fest is an amazing party, a huge selection of graphicworld and the best place to meet and work with peoples and live together for few days =)

Paleo said...

Love those evil drawings, looks like you used the hood of this car dripping in ink to render them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAYViv21uj0 Good Job!