Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Alkom'X 9...NEIN! 10

so we finally have a new issue for Alkom'X ! That was a 2 years fight with difficulties, mainly from printer's departure (or maybe because he doesn't want to make it anymore? the day we came with paper and file he said "no") and hunt for a new one. Living countryside isn't best for that! Another reason was being invaded by thousands requests from a world we don't want to live in forever, like ok for a visit and diplomatic relationship but not for a lifetime! Something like graphic hype with aggressive attitude, "publish me you need to have me in" or "i did this especially for you, publish it!" where nothing was catching our need or possibilities. So we took distance and wait for a calm down. We then started to mount Alkom'X 9 with the idea of having only un-professionnal artists***, but this is not good solution cause everyone is & self-making is almost dead. More than that french situation can't be applied to all countries and situation. So we just skip 9 to go for 10 with a more quiet selection and making. We then choosed to print the way we can, which is screenprinting. 4 months and more was needed to print 2 pages at once, hoping for good result and enough inks ^^ And now here it is! I'm happy with result and content which is still graphically hype in a way but also more comic and more peoples from different worlds.
Funny side is that I did cover by stencil to escape the silkscreen hype, but at the end we only have screen except this cover!

*** "NEIN" : I sometimes got request from professionnals of artworld, like exhibition or whatever selling market, after saying "we need you" they usually send a contract with first line like "this is a contract for professionnal artist blablabla" and i then need to answer "NO" cause I technically can't. That's also true when i want to join a collective project, where all those who told me "you need to print me" are actually involved naturally. The answer I have then is "NO, sorry". So I was in need to fix that. Not that I don't want pro art but I don't want to become a pro bridge for a pro world i can't live in. I need passion & friendship.


Muriel Bellini said...

Alk is all that is good. What would happen if the publishers of art books as Alk did not make these anthologies so mysterious and full of Magic drawings? We would all fall down a muddy ravine and live at the bottom of a forgotten swamp. Thanks for print such incredible things.

alkbazz said...

Thanx for kind words Muriel. I think we all are in the same boat. 2 things are swimming around which are our greek monsters : one is the economical side of industrial technology which is destroying efficiency of old devices to introduce "economic device" ; the second is professionalism applied to art, where everyone's trying to catch you to the top of charts. Both lead to More, Bigger, Faster.
Fast print, more copies, bookshop invasion, more popularity, fashion, then they force you to enter administrative, give number, archives, and become an economical zombie with no time to think

Muriel Bellini said...

you can put a book video in youtube or some ? thanks a lot!!