Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rats & Stuff

A recent horror game illustration:

...and some random monsters:


zeke said...

Woah! That rat in the mouth on the first picture's a real nasty touch and the gelatinous frame on the second's very cool.

mostyn said...

Fantastic as always

Paleo said...

the first scene is so fucked up! i think the rats are trying to hide from the black vortex inside that guy!

The second drawing is, mmh, well; can two inside out insectoid pomeranians from Assteroid X be flawlesly beautiful?

Pleased to meet'ya!

Aeron said...

Incredible illustrations, Fufu. Have you ever considered sculpture? A lot of your creature designs would look amazing sculpted and possibly set into a mold for mass production.

I love the perspective of the top composition, it has a sort of warped lens view that gives everything a disorienting vibe that adds to the chaos on hand. I could picture some portal opening out of the black blob releasing a horde of monsters tearing through the city street.

Another idea that would be cool to see in this, having the black tentacles reaching out of the windows of the buildings and a man hole covering in the street to show it channeling through every space of the city.

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks everyone!
Well, the first image is actually my "director's cut" version. The author thought the rat in the man's mouth was just too gross, so I had to take it out. I like it better like this though.
Aeron, yeah, one day I'd really like to do an edition of monstrous action figures.

SEAN said...

I love that top one! Geez! Fantastic.

Human Mollusk said...

Thank you, Sean!