Friday, May 08, 2009

Interview with Yogoeme

I have been interviewed by Claudio Parentela. You may read the result after clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Very good interview, I like your answers,'typically I'm a maniac' and your advice to artists not to kill themselves, flippant but worth remembering.
By the way, do you still do life drawing? I used to do last year but have been lazy and not done it for a few months now.

Logœme said...

No I don't do life drawing anymore. I 'd like to, but I have to find a model. I think I know somebody who could do it. It would only be portrait I think.

BTW if somebody wants to comment on Caudio Parentela's blog it's ok I'll check the comments on there as well.

Logœme said...

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Great interview... entertaining!