Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dungeon Degenerates: Orc

I'm working up the prototypes for this new project. This is about how they'll look.
Dungeon Degenerates: Orc
Stupid, bent & strong, the Orc lives to serve great & evil wills who can push him out of filthy, animalistic degeneracy & onto the battlefield.
Dungeon Degenerates: Barbarian
Civilization has touched the whole world, but Barbarians saw that hand coming & got their weapons ready. Raw, brutal, straight-forward & full of unrefined dynamism, the Barbarians live & die by the sword.
Unfortunately i chose very similar color-schemes for these two, but it just fit...


Human Mollusk said...

Awesome stuff Sean. But I have to say, chosing He-Man as a model barbarian strikes me as weird.
He's more like a sub-cass... um... Pampered-upperclass-closet-homosexual-magically-doped-up-Pseudo-Barbarian?
Don't ask me what saving throws they have though.


Oh man. You describe He-Man to a tee. BUT, that's the cartoon He-Man, if you remember, in the original comics that came along with the figures, He-Man was originally very much a blonde Conan. This is my, "What if He-Man was actually a barbarian?" version of He-Man. I'm using Billy Idol for my model of the thief so... maybe i'll have to use Boy George as a cleric.

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah, those Alcala minis were the shit!

Aeron said...

Fucking A! You've really got that stippling effect down, you use it expertly to get those mid tones across.

And I'm all about Masters Of The Universe, the creature designs in that franchise are completely bat shit insane and I love it. I bought about ten animaton cells the other month, they range between Real Ghostbusters and the old He-Man cartoon. I'll have to scan em sometime. I've got some original cell paintings of several of those crazy monsters from the cartoon.

That universe just rules, where else can you mix ancient viking type weaponry with futuristic cyborg technology and it makes perfect sense? It's like that gun thing on Trap Jaw's robot arm works, but it's imperfect enough to where everyone else is just saying, fuck it, I'm sticking with my sword and battle axe!

Anonymous said...

billy idol as a thief! genius!


Masters of the Universe world does rule Aeron! But it needed to be gritted the fuck out & made less nice. The cartoon, which i like, was too pleasant in alot of ways... but it was also awesome in a lot of other ways, like the background paintings.

Aeron said...

Did you see that half hour pilot episode of Korgoth the Barbarian a few years ago? I have no idea why Adult Swim didn't pick that up for a full season but that one episode packed as much punch as most half decent animated shows pull off in any given season, so I guess that one episode was good enough. But, I think it has some of that grittier He-Man and the ass kickers of the universe vibe you speak of. Minus the batshit insane laser beam technology of course.

It would be awesome if someone spliced one of those old He-Man cartoons with another similar looking adult themed cartoon, probably something out of Japan. For example, a shot of He-Man and Teela, then a close up of another cartoon with a crazy monster thing grabbing some tits. Cut back to Teela crying, then He-Man's eyes bugging out and screaming, cut back to another cartoon's monster howling, back to He-Man swinging a sword, cut back to other cartoon monster's head flying off with blood spraying up in a fountain.