Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dungeon Degenerates: Troll & Homunculus

Dungeon Degenerates: Troll
The Troll is a loathsome, ravenous carnivore that lurks through the darkness, avoiding fire & the sun. If wounded the Troll will regenerate its clammy, rubbery flesh. If body parts are severed they will slowly squirm back to the largest piece of body & re-adhere themselves.
Dungeon Degenerates: Homunculus
The Homunculus is a wizard's servant, made from clay, ashes, mandrake root, spring water & the wizard's own blood. This is all fashioned into a tiny person & many spells are laid upon it which then brings the Homunculus to life. This creature then serves the wizard in whatever capacity he desires.


pickledpunk said...

Yep!...the vintage D&D style troll with the black eye sockets. I really like your Juiblex too. That DAT illo always intrigued me.

This Dungeon Degenerates project is shaping up great. Looking forward to seeing what the final product will be...

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying this series, Sean! I love the idea of the troll's body parts reattaching in random places on its self.

- aeron

Human Mollusk said...

Wicked shit!
Is it just me or does the Homunculus look a bit like Monty Burns?

Anonymous said...

traditionally, the homunculus contained a sample of its master's semen, as well.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I think this is the best batch yet.

Aeron said...

As for as backgrounds, you might come up with a few more, maybe 5 or 6? with varying environments, some sort of haunted forrest like space maybe, a cavern with stalagmites, a lovecraftian empty abyss filled with stars? and so on.

I encourage you to make 60 or more of these, whatever feels like a nice stack, and put em on sale. I'll want to buy a complete set and I'll do what I can to promote it on Monster Brains, sure that will pull in some buyers.

Another idea that would be cool to include in a stack of cards like these, do a smaller series (6 or 8?) cards that have stickers on the front and jigsaw picture fragments on the back that when all 8 fit together create some bad ass scene involving the things on the cards.