Thursday, November 05, 2009


Fertile and futile.

Installation by Kari, Yin and Raymond @ The Annexe Gallery, september 28th, 2009


Human Mollusk said...

It's hard to comment much about this without so little info being provided. We don't know what's going on on the screen and the crudely sculpted embryo with plastic insects on it is neither very shocking nor artistically impressive on it's own. The rest just looks like you selling your minis, which, frankly, I'd be much more interested in learning more about.

Aeron said...

If that fetus doesn't stop eating those shelled things it's going to get a bellyache!

manosturbo said...

Sorry... I am so bad at explaining my work that I'd rather not these days. I'm satisfied with documentation of what I've done here and there.

Since you asked. It's meant to be an altar for a religion I made up. The video is of catacombs inter-cut with our friend Alan McLean walking towards the screen in a forest. I was trying to create to integrate comics as tracts.

I don't think I have anything interesting to say about this... I've sold all my minis and won't be reprinting any in a while as I'm currently at Naples and won't have access to my original art for a while.