Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A couple of new pieces and a new website!

Here's a couple of shirt's I finished up within the past couple of weeks. The first is a tour shirt for the bands The Communion and Transient, both of whom I had done a shirt for when they toured the east coast over the summer.

Second is a shirt for the awesome Oh Shit They're Going to Kill Us from PA. I got to use 4 colors this time around, and I'm really excited with how everything came out.

Finally, I have a new portfolio website up! Check out www.jgillustration.com, where I have a more condensed and professional portfolio up!

Lemme know what you guys think! Word.



These are fresh. I thought the small versions were a little unclear, but when they're big they work very well. I love the Keeper of Secrets looking thing on the first one & the rockin' werewolf is awesome too. Your line work is reminding me on an unholy alliance between Stan Sakai & Mike Diana, which is a pretty fuckin' weird but awesome mix.

Baiihin Gobulblœme said...

Metal head!