Friday, February 19, 2010

More Pizza Party Characters.

My brain is literally exploding with characters.
El Marko the street art ninja.
El Marko
Willy Buttermilk, the world's greatest poet. His best friend is an alligator or maybe it's a crocodile. He wrote an epic poem entitled, "THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR MEETS ARSENIO HALL"
Willy Buttermilk
Internut, taking Virtual Reality to the streets. SOME NEXT LEVEL EXTREME TYPE OF SHIT.
Mega Burger Rainbow.
Mega Burger Rainbow


Baiihin Gobulblœme said...

I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

nice stuff. Hey, when you do the dolor variations of the same drawing, are you doing it in the computer or markers on copies? These are looking pretty grand.



Chris, all my colors are on b&w prints because the alcohol markers make my blacks bleed. This however, also allows me to do different color variations on characters & also just do multiples that can be sold for cheaper & i still keep the original art work. I'm not doing any computer coloring these days.

Anonymous said...

nice. Where are you selling stuff. I would love to chat about places and prices. I am still making monster drawings and am going back to also making relief prints. I am also going to stop making the squatthrust zine and make the "Mr. Mostyn's Monsterama Coloring Book zine. This way I can sell it locally at a price kids can pay. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I like the rainbow burger, looks like bollocks are hanging out of it in the yellow/orange bit, more freaky foodstuffs!

Jimmy Giegerich said...

SoSoSo GOOD!!!

Aeron said...

You should seriously consider doing a childrens books with characters like this.


Zeke, yes, those ARE bollocks, but nevermind them. Thanks Jimmy. Aeron, that's the plan, i'm working on a multi-tiered assault platform right now, & children's books are definitely involved.