Friday, June 25, 2010

Mr Hyde

Here's 2 phases of a Mr Hyde portrait I'm working on for a new edition of Robert Louis Stevenson stories. The first was a quick digital composition layout based on an assortment of halloween masks and I think a bust of Edgar Allen Poe, was wanting to loosely emulate his wavy hair outline into the Hyde head. While rough, this is what I'm aiming for with a more contorted expression and some mad staring eyes. Probably work in ears in some twisted mishappen manner.

Second image is in progress phase of surface skin texture. Trying to get a Freddy Krueger burn victim vibe going while not going overboard. Will probably work back in clearer skin textures translucent over the knarled textures. Considering some limited color, maybe a lime green vague red splotchy areas, some nasty yellow teeth. Blood shot eyes. If I can achieve a semi realistic face that looks like a vintage Halloween mask that would be great.

Anyway, sorry I haven't posted for awhile, I haven't posted art anywhere lately been caught up with big projects that take ages. I'm doing a series of drawings in collaboration with Mat Brinkman that I hope to show samples of later this summer.


Kurt Komoda said...

Oh, these are wonderful! These are traumatizing-childhood-monster-ride-at-Asbury Park scary.

Gaiihin Gobulblœne said...

Good to see you posting again.

Marcel Ruijters said...

I would love to see more.