Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Things

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts from my end lately. I've still been working on a lot of stuff, I just haven't really had anything that's been worth posting as of yet. I've been trying to work out a sort of new way of inking my stuff strictly black and white stuff, so that's where a lot of my efforts have been going lately. I've been getting together a lot of things for a HUGE comic project I'm going to be working on soon too, so I'll have some stuff to post for that soon (when I'm satisfied with what I have)
Here's a new T shirt that I did for Milwaukee based band Enabler.

This is kind of more along the lines of how I'm going to start inking my b&w stuff from now on. It's too terribly different than how I used to do it, it's mostly just a change in technique and tools, which I think makes things look sharper and more interesting.

And here's an image that I did that was used for a flier for the 3rd Annual Punk Island NYC Metal Stage.

Again, nothing mind-blowingly different than what I usually do, but I feel the difference is noticeable enough. Also, this is image is VERY related to the comic I'm working on, but more on that later...


Human Mollusk said...

Wicked stuff, Jimmy!
And it's great to hear you're working on a comic project - totally looking forward to seeing some examples!

Matthew Allison said...

Love it. Can't wait for the comic.

Aeron said...

Fantastic stuff, Jimmy. The three headed werewolf vomiting snake like tongues is awesome!