Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whiteaker Block Party Guide Covers

The neighborhood i live in in Eugene, Oregon is its first & only "cool" neighborhood. BIG QUOTATION MARKS, but it's cool for Eugene, Oregon. Anyhow, some of the people who make it cool (& some of the people who make it not cool) put on a big Block Party every year & this year i got roped into doing a bunch of art for it, including the map for the guide which is tied into a local mag Boozeweek. Here are my alternate covers.


Human Mollusk said...

awesome shit!!
say, could you explain the thing with the pineapple face for me? I know it was Noriega's nickname, but that can hardly be the reason that character often appears in your imagery, right?


Thanks Fufu. Pineapple Face... i honestly had no idea that Noriega was called Pineapple Face, but now that i do, i'll have to make a Noriega variation on this character. Awesome! Noriega was kind of the Kim Jung Il of the 80s i suppose. Not really, but in terms of style. Anyhow, there's a song by "Revenge" called Pineapple Face. Revenge is Peter Hook of New Order... it's a great dance hit. I think there was also a series of surf t-shirts in the 80s featuring pineapples that might be a buried influence. But aside from that, it's like the anthropomorphic bananas & shits & whatever, little common, every day objects that have resonance with most people so i use them. Mundane objects taken into the POP mentality or something like that, because major brands no longer have the weight that they used to have.

Human Mollusk said...

Ha, okay thanks for clearing that up, Sean.