Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KL Poetry Cup, MAP KL 8/28/10

The World is Being Ripped © 1985 by Seth Tobocman


Gaiihin Gobulblœne said...

Very nice photos… I enjoyed very much the saxophone on this one.

Gaiihin Gobulblœne said...

Are all the videos from the same performance ?

manosturbo said...

Sorry I didn't make it clear... each posts (in the order they were posted) are from three separate performances:

1 - Sickl Open Lab 12, SICKL, 8/13/10

2 - Japan-Malaysia video art Xchange, National Art Gallery, 7/31/10

3 - KL Poetry Cup, MAP KL 8/28/10

Gaiihin Gobulblœne said...

Oh! I see ! Sorry, my fault.