Saturday, September 18, 2010

RAGs film report 4: Bad films with good bits

This is going to be brief because I honestly dont remember many bad films worth watching for some aspects, but I bought The Haunting remake because I loved the house in it, the only thing about it arguably better than the original. The film drags horribly long and goes on for another 40mins when you would expect it to end, but that house is so beautifully Baroque/Gothic that I'm glad I bought it. The is a really huge fireplace, a lovely large garden shed and an amazing mirror spinning music/dancing room. Someone could have made a far better film just going around that house for 15mins with a camera.

The other one is Devils Advocate, which I'll admit I've never watched with my full attention from start to finish, but it always given a strong impression of being bad. I hate it when someone gets Al Pacino in a film only to have him shout out lectures as if that will give a film automatic credibility.
The great thing about this film is there is a beautiful vortex sculpture that turns into a portal to hell or something like that, which gradually comes alive with all these stone people and turns to fire and spins perhaps to suck people into hell(cant remember) but it was incredible looking and I cant say I've ever seen anything quite like it. Some of the best usage of CGI I've ever seen. I thought it might all be in one small scene I could link to, but it is spread across several parts in the last third of the movie.
I havent forgotten I'm an artist, but I've been struggling still, but light has been appearing more often at the end of the tunnel and I'm more excited about the struggle now. It's still gonna take time.

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