Friday, September 10, 2010

Shaltmira : introduction

Hello to everyone,

I am Eglė Tamulytė, nickname Shaltmira, and as you can see – a new member of great team of artists. I am from Lithuania, a small country in Northern Europe.  A country of rain and basketball as it is a common thing to say here. About drawing. As usually children do, I also started very young. Remember myself stealing grandmothers pen and drowing „ladies“ when I was about 4 or 5. Stealing because it was rare thing to buy, or something, and when grandmother was seeing me drawing with it she was giving a pencil instead. As a child, I entered a local art classes in my village, Griškabūdis. I remember a strange drawing I made - „A cat which is going out of paper“.  In school years I finished music school, grand piano speciality, it took 6 years. And after that – art school, both in a small town Šakiai. During school, in 10th grade, I was decided to give up drawing and to study medicine after graduate. Also there was thoughts about chemistry and biochemistry, because I was good at exact sciences. But after all, in 11th grade I decided not to change my mind, and  as it is now, I do what I do. I am studying at Vilnius Art Academy, graphic arts, bachelor, 3rd course. About my approach to art. There are tons of stuff around the world people draw every day, and it is ridiculous thought to be the one, unique, but... we all believe in that, because otherwise there is no reason to do that. I have chosen this way of life, and I will do my best. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that to see my vision come true. Creating something is selfish thing. All centers about you. I see nothing around when I draw, nothing interests me, just the vision, which I want to convey on paper, or canvas. I look at great artists and they give me inspiration. About influences. My „bible“ is the books of Samuel Beckett. He speaks my language of thoughts. Music : the base of black metal. Now I am more open-minded for various styles, but BM never leaves me. Movies: the main is horror cinema, but also I appreciate french new wave, film noir, German Expressionist cinema ,independent..  About artists. The main character that inspired me is Leonor Fini. Of lithuanian artists I can name Šarūnas Sauka. And of the latest persons : Diane Arbus, tattoo artist Robert - , Martin Bladh, Joel-Peter Witkin, Dennis Dread...  The new series of artworks I started are called „The suffocate with rage“ and these are inspired by Valerie Solanas manifesto SCUM. I am not feminist, and it was quite funny while reading. But just tried to imaged how her ideas would look, and  decided to take chance to draw it. Speaking about art I think it is a personal thing, others may like the stuff you do, or not. For me, it makes no difference. The main purpose of creating for me is to find suitable way for myself and to become enough skillful to do what I want. Of course I believe, that art should be provocate, thoughtful and masterly, but also I think that there are decisions of moments, decisions you make everytime while sitting to the table to draw. If a mood is right, I will draw 14 hours and will make something precise, if it is the other mood, I will just draw comix and both of them satisfies me as well. And for the end : there are no limits, there are no shameful, improper or perverted  art . if so - it is just not the right eye looking at the picture.

["Suffocate with rage" series : "Spurious game". A4,paper, 0,25 rapidograph, ~12h of work]
  ["Suffocate with rage" series: "Tickle to death". A4,paper, 0,25 rapidograph, ~14h of work ]


Gaiihin Gobulblœne said...

Welcome! Make yourself at ease! Good Drawings. Very good surprise. Respects. I’m also very fond of S. Beckett. (BTW one of my drawings is in Lithuania; when I lived in England, one of my Lithuanian friends wanted a portrait for his mother so I drew him… )

Aeron said...

Welcome aboard, Shaltmira. Intriguing drawings, I like the mysterious phantasmagoric nightmare quality about them. Are you familiar with Sidney Sime? I think you would find inspiration in his black and white drawings.

And I'm a great fan of Witkin myself, I consider him one of my largest influences.

Human Mollusk said...



You're being eaten by a duck. I love your stuff... i see Gahan Wilson & Nick Blinko in it. Badumpbump bump.

shaltmira said...

Thank you all, yes, I was eaten by a duck, a big one! :]

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

wow!, beautiful..really beautiful artwork there!
you RAWK!
btw, wellcome to EBD..
p.s! i can also see some nick blinko (of the rudimentary peni) vibe goin' on..