Thursday, October 07, 2010

["The most beautiful game is the game with yourself"]

["The most beautiful game is the game with yourself", A4paper, 0,25 rapidograph]

Strange coincidence, this evening I sat down to finish this and after a while my rapidograph stopped working. I tried to fix it, I done everything I could, refiled with ink, washed, but nothing helped. I stopped trying and thought this might be a sign, that I should stop drawing this artwork too, and leave it as it is. So here it is :]
These words around characters are written in Lithuanian, I translated them in caption. They are from Dainius Gintalas poesy book "Boa". Very filthy, complicated and kind of schizophrenic poetry. Now I am thinking about series of artworks called "Unrestrained love's fairy-tales", maybe something will be done in the future with this theme. I am interesting in twisted interpretations of such a threadbare object. In this piece I represent the conjoined twins, the women also has mermaid syndrome. This is the visual side. The idea is egocentricity, amalgam of "no one will love me more than I" and "all you give is for the reason you want to get more than you gave". The title also refers to masturbation, and I think it fits, because love is a kind of spiritual masturbation. 


Aeron said...

This is a spectacular piece, Shaltmira. You did a great job pushing in the darker background against the lighter figures while still keeping some intricate details in the darker area. Love the character design.

shaltmira said...

Thank you! I felt the need to play a little bit with sense of space.



Gaiihin said...

I like this drawing : very cute and ugly and ornamented (I’m fond of intricate patterns and etc). If love is spiritual masturbation I guess hatred is spiritual flagellation, isn’t it?

Matthew Allison said...

" is kind of a spiritual masturbation..."