Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I got roped into working with Voodoo Doughnuts, I did a mural in their bathroom, I was going to draw some ads for them, get my vending machine in their Eugene store & have my new PORK magazine distributed in their locations. Voodoo took an ad out in the first issue of PORK as well. Then PORK came out. Voodoo Doughnuts #2 threw a fit about the swastika on the cover (amongst dozens of other symbols) & the Charles Krafft interview, their official line is "Some of the contraversal (sic) content/nature in your zine is something that we do not wish to put our customers through." This is coming from the donut store that built its legacy on risque donuts & ads, their company slogans being "The magic is in the hole" & "good things come in pink boxes". Anyhow, suddenly the line is, "Sean, we don't have the money to have you do our ads." Ahem, right. Then, they painted over my mural! Before I could get photos of it! Anyhow, anyone who knows me knows that my use of the swastika & other taboo objects is a "trap" for totalitarians & stupid people. I can't not use them, it's burned into my head. So this time, my trap caught my client, who seemed "so down", but in the end has proven to be more overtly cowardly than almost anyone i've deal with so far.

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Aeron said...

That's really unfortunate that they felt the need to cover up your murual. I wish I could have seen it. Yeah the swastika is a dangerous symbol to use when calling in advertisements.