Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weird album covers

I've been doing loads of music searching lately and found quite a lot of great covers. I cant remember what all of them were from...

I'm sure this was a jazz singer called Gal

This looks like a cd i would buy, but I'm sure the music didnt suit me when I listened.

i'm sure this music wasnt as cool as the cover either...

This would appear to me as a great dreampop album but it is actually hard rock.

Yamashita Yosuke Trio- Arashi. This is supposed to be a really scary free jazz record, legendary but obscure and rare too somehow.

Jneiro Jarel. I think this is a hiphop record.

Klavido- Vidov

Kuroyurishimai- Fukasa. One of the legions of bands that sounds like Dead Can Dance, but I listen to a lot of that, it sounds nice enough.

Locrian- Crystal World

Mahojin- Babylonia Suite. I adore this cover by Remedios Varo, I hoped this would sound as weird as the cover, but it is supposed to be a modestly pleasant mellotron driven album, but I like to pretend dream that this album is one one of the weirdest and greatest things ever made. I often like to look at album covers and be inspired/get ideas for what I think it "should" have sounded like and then do art based on that, just like any other type of cover, poster, advert/trailer/screenshot or name/title that inspires me, it is good to take the expectations and base art on it( however pleasing or different the actual artwork ends up being when you experience it for real).

No Mercy. I hope it sounds as exciting as it looks.

Has anyone heard this? Great cover.

I like covers like this despite some people might find it cheesy and artificial, it still gets my imagination going.

I hope this is good as the cover.

I really want this Aghast album, I'm not sure this is really a cover. But this is some of my preferred type of Black Metal imagery, although I could give countless more types of BM imagery I like, there is a lot of stuff I dont connect with.

Thees Oh Sees. Ayone heard it?

Yoshiko Sai- Taiji No Yume. I think this is one of the best covers ever, she sings slightly moody ballads but nothing as odd and spooky as I would have liked.
You can hear it here

Premiata Forneria Marconi- Storia. I listened to this recently, one of the more famous italian prog albums and I liked it fine, but I wished it sounded more like the cover, some people think it is ugly but I love it.

Don Bradshaw Leather- Distance Between Us. This is a crazy dark prog album with one of the best album covers of all time. It suggests a new level of outsiderness which most proggers and punks never get near. There are a lot of rumors about this band. I can only find half of this, so if anyone can find the whole album please call me.


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

the locrian album is bad ass, just so you know

The Sound of Drowning said...

Nice selection. Fella at the bottom looks like one of my neighbours.


This is rad. I'm listening to the Japanese free jazz now.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Sean- Which band? Surely not the one I picked?


Yamashita Yosuke Trio yeah. No, i looked them up because you posted this cover.

Sloth The Happy Mutant said...

Edge of Sanity is one of Dan Swano's bands and is awesome. No Mercy is some 80s Venice California punk/skate rock friends of Sucidial Tendencies. The Oskorei or wild hunt depicted on the cover doesn't really fit the music but it's still pretty good.