Tuesday, May 03, 2011

1348 and Inferno in Budapest

I just returned from Budapest, where I have been for a comics festival and an exhibition of pages from my upcoming book 1348 and Inferno (see above) which was translated into Hungarian in 2008 for Nyitott Konyvmuhely (don't ask me how that is pronounced) who also organised the festival. My show is part of a Dutch invasion which included other comic artists such as Joost Swarte (of RAW fame), Typex and the Lamelos crew. The whole deal is supported by the BKVB Art Fund in Amsterdam and the Dutch embassy. Quite an experience to be there! More information about the project can be found here: http://nl-hu.blogspot.com/

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Human Mollusk said...

Wow, great piece, Marcel! The Budapest festival looks fantastic, too. I love all the stuff they show on their blog. I'm impressed by Typex' drawings who I din't know before you sent me the Zone5300 with him in it recently.
Totally looking forward to your new book.