Monday, November 21, 2011

Que suerte Explosion

Hey kids you've to buy Que suerte, comic zine made in Spain by Olaf Ladousse!
I made 2 pages comic & a linoprint for the inside cover. Unfortunately, Olaf couldn't find a printer for lino so, for the first time I think, Que suerte cover is silkscreened. Also the inside cover have been printed wrong side, it's a mistake that I like, reminds me my own!

I can't see buying stuff yet, but you could have it at me if you want (it's 5euro for 104 xerox pages + shipping). This issue include spanish stuff, and french artists as Dav Guedin, Bertoyas, Léo Quiévreux, Craoman, and a cover by Xavier Robel. My comic is not that good but well erf!
I like Que suerte for beginners art melted to others, with comic only, cheap price, handmade covers & collages inside - a must for xerox comic zine!


Gaspard Pitiot said...

Je crois que j'ai un numéro plus ancien de ce zine. Je voulais te demander c'est quand la date limite pour envoyer des dessins pour le prochain Alkomi'X ? Je veux pas la rater.

alkbazz said...

24 12 2012, mais le plus tôt sera le bienvenu =)