Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Taste Of Water

Currently working on a nice assignment: a page for a collection of comic summaries (adaptations) of Dutch films. Some old, some recent. It wild be a sort of coffee table book-like compendium. Last year we had a similar thing on Dutch literature, which was quite succesful. So it's nice to be in this boat.
Anyway, I picked De Smaak van Water/The Taste Of Water (1982) by Orlow Seunke. It is not a widely known film although it got quite some recognition and awards when it came out. It was inspired by a story by the Hungarian writer György Konrad. It is a touching small story about a once-cynical social worker who starts caring for a severely neglected child. I liked it then and I like it now. Don't know if this page does it justice. The final version of it will be in full colour.


alkbazz said...

Great! So nice to see something completely different from your usual work, reminds me stuff i've seen in old zone5300 zines
Uh, but don't know about this movie !

Marcel Ruijters said...

Thanks. It was about time I took a break although the Middle Ages are far from over for me. This page still needs colouring.