Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Artwork For Kauf

Aeron Alfrey - Kauf DJ Set Illustration

So I've been busy working on a lot of things lately and this is one of them. I created this for electronic musician Kauf. We'll be working together more in the future and I look forward to delving deeper into album cover design. It was partly an experiment to play around with architectural abstractions that aren't Baroque. This was created for a dj set that he recently released on Lost In Records, which has a lot of great tracks on it, listen to it on Sound Cloud here. I'm a great fan of Kauf's own music, there are currently two tracks of his available online here.

You can see a review at The Comics Journal of a board game called Cave Of Evil that I contributed a dozen some drawings to. Most of the artwork for it was created by Mat Brinkman who recently sent me my copy of the game last week. I was excited to see one of my drawings used for the cover of the game manual, one for which I revealed its compositional sketch here awhile back, as well as cards in the game. More Cave Of Evil here.

I'll be exclusively revealing some very witchy artwork that I've been working on here in the coming weeks. Looking forward to revealing my Baba Yaga landscape piece, one of the best things I've ever made.


Marcel Ruijters said...

Surprising work, Aeron! I have seen you do work based on only organic shapes up till now. And I like how you manage to stay away from the obvious solutions such as the Dada-esque esthetic. Somehow there still is some crawling monster in there.

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah, fantastic work! Different but still very much you.

Uland said...

Crazy. I saw a little write-up about Cave Evil on TCJ and mentioned you in the comments section— as in this is right up Alfreys' Alley . No idea you had a hand in it.
Awesome stuff, all around.

Aeron said...

Thanks everyone, Marcel - The seen or unseen crawling abominations will probably stay there in my work, even if I were to paint a pretty landscape. Somewhere in the bushes might be the hint of a slithering horror, the setting sun might take on the eye of an unknown entity. While crafting this I imagined it to be some vast automaton in mid transformation, its architectural anatomy shifting in and out of various designs.

Fufu, yes I think it was a successful experiment, moving away from my traditional subject matter but still carrying my distinct style I suppose.

Luke - Yeah I saw your post on there and was going to respond but saw that someone already posted a link to purchase it? I need to get with Brinkman and figure out a nice whopping Monster Brains post to share a lot of the creature designs from the game. There's hundreds of amazing monster drawings in that game!