Monday, December 05, 2011

Centauroid, Eaten by Ducks

It seems that content from EBD keeps popping up elsewhere, so I tried to do something not so ripoffable.
Of course, this is internet and plagiarism is nothing new. I remember arguing with mail art folks in the 1980s about the pros and cons of copyright. The ones who never did anything beyond boring-looking collages of other peoples' work (blindfold + hedgeclippers equals "punk esthetics") were militantly against it. Sometimes I think today's technology is a bigger friend to the no-talents than the artists.


Aeron said...

We should get every artist on here to create something referencing Eaten By Ducks in one way or another. I like that you chose to have some batshit crazy half horse skeleton maniac with a club getting attacked by the vile creatures!

Regarding content getting ripped off, it's really annoying, especially when it's perpetrated by jerks who are doing it only to make a quick sleazy buck. However I think the risks are far outweighed by benefits of the larger audience, the opportunities and the incredible manner to which we can align with and collaborate with like minded artists (like our group here)for it to make any real difference in the long run.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Thanks Aeron! I am however more bewildered than annoyed by the idea that a quick sleazy buck COULD be made this way.
Your suggestion is good - I am sure I have some old drawings that would fit the theme. Hee hee.
Also, as I have been here only for about a year, I was wondering what was the original reason to give this blog this name.

alkbazz said...

Money is mostly done with quickly done stuff, could be super well known drawing technics or hollywoodian-like copy of more personnal style stuff (get the idea not the art) or design made with computer & cut&paste (plus effect to not recognise)... So I don't think it's a surprise that original & personnal artwork don't bring money to their owners... Everyday you could see "the new stuff made after LaFontaine or whoever", people get the idea somewhere else and just apply large audience style on it
I'm not pro copyright for artwork, and for design I prefer alternative copyleft, but I'm not doing professionnal drawing

Doing a cannibal duck is fun, I'll try when I'll have time

And I like your drawing a lot, think I will copy it under my own ;)

Marcel Ruijters said...

@ Alkbazz: you of course have my kind permission to rip me off, as always!

Human Mollusk said...

Ha! Wonderful.