Monday, August 27, 2012

Unreadable stuff suite & fin


Ok here's three pages that follows last post
As the deadline is coming I just finished here, maybe a bit brutal ending?
This illustrate how it could be difficult to follow same feeling during weeks with few sessions of drawing in it

Im not sure if images page 4 (which is page 2 here) works, pannels 2&3, I think the big worm curse the first charcter but it's maybe not clear enough


Marcel Herms said...

It's clear to me. Well done!

Doomroar said...

it seems way clearer than the first page on the previous post and that one was readable.

alkbazz said...

Thank you dude! I use unreadable semi-ironicaly, i often had remarks about that

Zeke said...

Reads just fine to me, good comic! besides, nothing wrong with a bit of ambiguity in a comic.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

yes, i second zeke's comment about ambiguity in comix!
and yeah, it's a really nice lookin' comic you got there.

alkbazz said...

Thank you dudes! I probably pay too much attention on it... hope publisher will like it too!