Monday, February 02, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy But Still Worried About the Rent

Hello, everyone. Happy new year and all. Glad to see that you all have a lot of great work just pouring out! I've been busy with freelance work (mostly table top RPG stuff and advertising work), so it's been kind of a bum year for personal work. Here are some quick ones.
A drawing I did for a gallery show (on the day of the gallery show).

Flower Girl. I grew up drawing with Pilot felt tip pens, and I still love drawing with them. I like how the nib grips the paper and you can adjust the pressure or twist it a bit to get different line thicknesses. 

A Nightgaunt sketch. I wanted to do a drawing of two Nightgaunts in conversation. They are completely silent and speak only in gesture- so it would be this intimate scene with these two demon characters. Maybe someday.

Lastly, my hand with holes for all the trypophobic ducks. A Facebook friend uploaded a photo of some sort of fungus he was having for dinner, so naturally I had to Photoshop it onto my hand.


Gaspard Pitiot said...

This hand horrifies me. I looked too long at it and i have the impression there's something in my palm.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Ha ha that's awesome. The drawings too.

Kurt Komoda said...

Yeah, I have mild trypophobia, too. Strange, I was trying to make it look infected at first, swollen and discolored and with blood inside the holes, but- well, one, I wasn't doing it very well- it didn't look as disturbing. Something about the holes being punched out so cleanly strikes something in me.

Aeron said...

Great work as always, Kurt. I like the abstract head on that winged demon.

Paleo said...

Fuck landlords if you draw this well.

Kurt Komoda said...

Thanks, everyone! Haha, Paleo!
I love working freelance and not having to commute into New York City every day, but I need to figure out a way to get well ahead of my bills and such. I don't need to be rich- but it's nice to have the bills covered. I'm a pretty terrible businessman. I get invoice guilt when filling one out for a client. I know the job is worth, say, $1000- but then I start typing it out and I think of easy the job was or something, and then I type "$400." I need a manager/wife to smack me in the head when I do that.