Wednesday, February 11, 2015


After much ado, i am finally releasing my all revised, complete, Tarot deck in the Spring. In the restored order with 24 trump cards, that means 80 cards in total.

                                                                         The fool
                                                                        The world
                                                                           Cups 5
                                                                       Pentacles 9
                                                                         Staves 1


Anonymous said...

Great news !

Kurt Komoda said...

Flying Spaghetti Monster cameo!

Marcel Ruijters said...

Kurt: uhm yes. I could not resist.

Aeron said...

This is the perfect project for you, Marcel. I've thought about doing a Tarot deck myself, perhaps down the road. I really like that ball of heads and objects, very strange.

Marcel Ruijters said...

Thanks guys!
Aeron: a funny but creepy detail about that card of The World is that it got printed in the paper on the exact day of the assault on Charlie Hebdo, as if it were to tell that the world needs to pick up the pieces and continue its Sisyphus labout, like it has to everyday. (On a side note: a got a comics award recently, so that's why there was an article in the paper about me)

Kurt Komoda said...

Congrats on the award, Marcel!