Tuesday, September 04, 2007

HPL Expo Contribution

Boy, things have been going awfully slow on our Blog, haven't they. I for my part was really busy with moving, renovating, and last but not least I did a short 5-page comic for the Lovecraft exposition in Switzerland, which I believe Aeron and Noah are also participating in. The comic kind of ties into my Molluskhead chronology, and I've based each page on one entry from the "Commonplace Book" (which is basically the concept of the expo), but the book itself also plays a part in the story.
Here are the first two pages:


Luke Pski said...

That's incredible Fufu. I look forward to reading the whole thing.

Sean "Goblin" Aaberg said...

I really love the cave. Good stuff. Yes, it has been slow on this blog. I moved & renovated this summer as well! I'm tired. BUT, i'm working on some fun new stuff. Maybe i'll even scan & post some of it.

Aeron said...

Lookin good, yeah I've been really busy myself, hope to start posting a lot more art in the next month. I was able to submit the center panel of my Lovecraft triptych for the book, still working on the left and right panel. I'll post a sample from it in a few..

Anonymous said...

I'm nuts over this stuff! Those pages are masterful Fufu.