Saturday, September 15, 2007

some new stuff

I do not consider myself an artist, i'm an illustrator of my own ideas. The ideas are intended for intrusion into reality in some way or another. Ultimately, i'm an aspiring city state ruler, i used to be interested in global domination, but i think the smaller, more homogeneous population allows for more exciting, stranger cultural explorations. If you rule the world, you have to contend with every kind of person, if it's just a city state, you've got less to manage. Anyhow, i got my start with all this designing worlds for old fashioned pen & paper role playing games. The guys who did the art for the old Dungeons & Dragons & Games Workshop products were my first inspirations as an artist, & remain my principal inspirations. Their styles are generally unpolished & obviously home-grown, not directed by the theoretical trappings of art school or the high-art world. I like old Punk Rock & Heavy Metal art for the same reason. So, my latest series of black & white drawings go straight back to those foundations. I've got a show of stuff i've done for the last year or so, along with work from my wife & Goblinko partner Katie at the Museum of Unfine Art, here in Eugene, Oregon.
goblin deer rider
bird brain


Human Mollusk said...

I love that bird guy with the top hat. Great design and beautiful inkwork!

Paleo said...

Really strong stuff Sean, i may be alone in this but i prefer your B & W work to the color, there's both an archaic and cartoony menacing vibe out of these drawings.

And i freakin love the poster, show us photos of the opening when you can!

Aeron said...

Great character designs, I'd love to see you do some sort of sprawling Ian Miller type scene with these dudes.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I think that unfine art thing is interesting, but I dont know where you would place certain artists who seem to be somewhere between the two. Good stuff.

Sean "Goblin" Aaberg said...

FuFu, glad you like the weird guy with the top hat, i've been drawing variations on that bird guy for a long time (about 14 years now!), i think he's ultimately Bosch inspired, but has since become his own little character. David, i'm glad you prefer my black & white work to my color... it gets depressing when i'm showing people enormous stacks of drawings & they just go bonkers over the color, because the black & white takes me longer. I also like the archaic & cartoonily menacing concept. Aeron, ONE day, i'll draw the big battle... actually, i'm slowly working up plans for a tarot deck & a fighting card game, so maybe this will need such art? We'll see. Robert, i'm not sure about the Unfine Art concept myself, in an alternate universe, i'd love to be a Catholic Church artist being kept by a particularly perverse King, which to me is what "High Art" actually is... gallery art to me, unless it is devotional in some way is pretty all low art.